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Morrowind:Arrille's Tradehouse

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Arrille's Tradehouse
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Proprietor Arrille
Console Location Code(s)
Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse
Seyda Neen, [-2,-9]
Arrille's Tradehouse

Arrille's Tradehouse is the only shop in Seyda Neen, located by the bridge in the center of town. Arrille and his guests provide all the services available in town, save for transport. In addition to Arrille and his wares, two trainers frequent the tradehouse, one of whom is a Blades trainer that Caius Cosades will recommend to you.

The tradehouse is divided into two unconnected sections. The main area is publicly accessible and contains all the NPCs in the building. Upstairs, you will find the bar with a tradehouse notice on display.

In the bedroom upstairs, behind a locked (40) door, you will find a locked (20) low-quality chest, a steel dagger of swiftblade under the bed pillow, and an Imperial newtscale cuirass under the bed. In addition, there is a storage room, accessible only from the outside via a locked (70) door, for which there is no key. The storage room holds most of Arrille's wares and two samples of moon sugar, which are unguarded, provided you can break in undetected. A standard Fortify Luck potion is hidden behind the crates against the wall.

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Albecius Colollius   Imperial Battlemage 6 68 122 90 30
Arrille   High Elf Trader Service 15 141 42 100 30 Merchant; Spell Merchant
Elone   Redguard Scout Blades Journeyman(Journeyman) 9 110 78 90 30 Trainer
Hrisskar Flat-Foot   Nord Rogue Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 8 81 18 40 40
Raflod the Braggart   Nord Scout Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 100 74 0 30 Trainer
Tandram Andalen   Dark Elf Bard 3 51 108 90 30
Tolvise Othralen   Dark Elf Commoner 3 52 84 100 30