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Morrowind:The Pilgrim's Rest

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The Pilgrim's Rest
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Proprietor Selkirnemus
Console Location Code(s)
Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest
Molag Mar
The Pilgrim's Rest

The Pilgrim's Rest is a tavern located in the waistworks of Molag Mar. If you enter Molag Mar's waistworks from the southern door and take a left turn, The Pilgrim's Rest will be the first door on your left. The walls are decorated with burgundy tapestries. The candle stands lighting this room hold red candles; there are two of these stands near the bar, on in front of the tavern's entrance, and one in the dining area. Blue paper lanterns are strung up on the ceiling.

The first person you'll see is Dunel Saryon, who is standing in front of the bar. The tavern's proprietor, Selkirnemus, is working behind the bar. There are two stools on the long side of the counter where customers can sit. There are seven bottles, three goblets and two tankards on the bar. There are also two candles which you cannot pick up lighting the bar. Several containers are sitting against the southwestern corner behind the counter. There are two urns containing food, two sacks containing cheap food, and a crate full of dishes. A shelf sitting above these containers holds seventeen bottles.

If you head past the bar, you'll come into the dining area. Miniel is the first person you'll pass by on your way into the dining room. There's a wooden dining table with two benches to sit on behind her. Each long side of the table has a goblet, a tankard and a folded cloth at it. Three bottles and a jug are also placed here. Nilioniel is standing by the western wall, near a round table that seats four. There are four tankards and four bottles on the table. A smaller round table that seats two is located in the southeast corner of the dining room. There are two bottles and an unmovable candle on top of it.

A wooden door on the eastern wall leads to a hallway where you'll find the tavern's rented rooms. Ales Julalanie inhabits the room on the left, while the room on the right is available for you to rent from Selkirnemus. Each inn room contains a bed with one pillow and red covers, an empty chest, and a side table with an unmovable candle. The empty room's side table has two bottles and a goblet sitting atop it. Ales's side table holds three bottles, a goblet and sixteen gold pieces.

The main room of the tavern


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Ales Julalanie Female Breton Bard 12 93 168 90 30
Dunel Saryon Male Dark Elf Trader Service 11 104 132 0 30 Merchant
Miniel Female Redguard Commoner 10 103 80 90 30
Mundrila Ienith Female Dark Elf Pilgrim 7 77 94 90 30
Nilioniel Female Wood Elf Scout 10 103 100 90 30 Trainer
Selkirnemus Male Dark Elf Trader Service 11 104 132 100 30 Merchant