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Morrowind: People / Merchants
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Thaeril (thaeril)
Home Town Tel Mora
Store The Covenant
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Level 6 Class Publican
Rents Bed Bed 10 gold
Gold 250 Mercantile Apprentice (20)
Other Information
Health 56 Magicka 116
Alarm 100 Fight 30

Thaeril is a Wood Elf publican and the proprietor of The Covenant in Tel Mora. She sells food, drinks, and beds to all visitors.

She wears a common shirt and skirt, extravagant gloves, and expensive shoes, amulet, and ring. Aside from her natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, she knows no spells

If asked about the latest rumors she will tell you of a group of bandits that are working out of a cave found between Tel Mora and Indoranyon: "A fisherman said he thinks smugglers are working out of a cave on the coast south of Tel Mora. He said he saw a small boat unloading goods on a beach. He's not sure of the exact location, but he knows it was north of Indoranyon, the old Dunmer stronghold, the best landmark on that stretch of coast."


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
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Item Qty
Cyrodiilic Brandy -3
Flin 2,-3
Greef -5
Mazte 1,-5
Shein 1,-5
Sujamma 1,-5
Telvanni Bug Musk 1