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Helviane Desele (helviane desele)
Home Town Suran
Store Desele's House of Earthly Delights
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 12 Class Trader Service
Gold 75 Mercantile Apprentice (25)
Other Information
Health 90 Magicka 156
Alarm 30 Fight 30
Helviane Desele

Helviane Desele is the owner and proprietor of Desele's House of Earthly Delights, a gentleman's club in Suran. She does not have much for sale, other than Moon Sugar and Corkbulb Roots, which grow on several plants in the establishment, so she will have a (slowly) restocking supply. She also has plenty of liquor to sell, but apparently not to you. She will purchase any ingredients you might have. Keep in mind though that, like most non-Khajiit merchants, she will not do business with you if you are already carrying Moon Sugar (or Skooma). Desele evidently owes some protection money to the Camonna Tong, and the Fighters Guild will employ you to collect it.

Helviane Desele wears an expensive skirt and matching shoes. Furthermore, she carries two hundred drakes and the key to a locked room in her establishment. Aside from her natural bonus and resistance to magicka, and her ability to shield herself for short periods, she knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Fighters GuildEdit

House RedoranEdit


  • Umbra: Help this depressed Orc warrior in achieving his final request.


At the beginning of each conversation, Helviane Desele greets you with the following words:

  • "Welcome to my house, %PCRace. Make yourself at home."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Desele's DebtEdit

During this quest, Eydis Fire-Eye wants you to collect a debt that Helviane Desele apparently owes to Manos Othreleth, a prominent member of the Camonna Tong. Sketchy though this contract is, it is perfectly possible to simply do as you are told and collect the gold from Helviane, provided that her disposition towards you is high enough:

  • debt money
    • [Disposition < 50.] "I don't see why it's any business of yours. I don't like speaking of these things with my friends, much less someone I hardly know."
    • [50 ≤ Disposition < 75.] "I try and run a respectable business and the Camonna Tong keeps asking for this money "for my safety." What is it really for? To keep me safe from Orvas Dren's thugs, that's what it's for, and I'm not paying it."
    • [Disposition ≥ 75. 200 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "All right, you've convinced me. Here's the 200 gold. Take it and tell those thugs to leave me alone."

If you mention her debt again after she has given you the gold, she will say:

  • "I already gave you the debt money."

However, it is also possible to complete the quest by paying Helviane's debt yourself, as obviously, Eydis has no way of telling whose two hundred drakes you are offering to her. In that case, Helviane will have the following to say:

  • debt money
    • "They stopped trying to get the money from me. I don't know why."

Stronghold (House Redoran)Edit

Towards the end of the construction of your stronghold, you are told that you will need to attract some female settlers. There are several ways in which that end can be achieved, of which speaking with Helviane is one:

  • need wives
    • [Disposition ≥ 70.] "I am sorry if you have the wrong impression. My girls are dancers, nothing more."
    • No, not for me, I need women to go to Indarys Manor.
      • "Hm. That is an interesting offer. I will ask my girls. Perhaps some of the older ones are ready to settle down somewhere. I will ask them, but that is all I can promise."
    • Nevermind.
      • "How about a drink, then?"

If you mention this topic again after Helviane has agreed to ask around if anyone is interested in moving to your stronghold, she will say:

  • "As I said, I will ask my girls, but I cannot promise anything."


If you ask Helviane Desele about the latest rumors, she will tell you about a strange man whom she recently saw near Suran:

  • latest rumors
    • "Well, I don't know if anyone else has seen him, but I saw some crazy guy wandering around the hills east of here recently. He was all decked out in armor and waving his sword, mumbling about there being no one to challenge him. I'd steer clear, stranger."

This is one way to start the quest Umbra.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
    • Items with a % in the Qty column are found growing on plants in the store, which will restock over time, not instantly like other restocking wares.
Item Qty
Corkbulb Root 6
Moon Sugar 1


  • Talking to Desele about "Latest Rumors" will begin the Umbra quest, though your journal will report that you talked to Ashumanu Eraishah instead.
  • Unlike most people, Desele will speak to you even if you are a Vampire.
  • During the Oblivion quest Unearthing Mehrunes Razor, a note can be found in Sundercliff Forge, written from one of the forge workers to his beloved. In it he writes, "I'm pleased and surprised to hear that you've begun saving for our own home already. You say you're working for somebody named Desele? The pay must be very good..."