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Suran Tradehouse
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Proprietor Ashumanu Eraishah
Console Location Code(s)
Suran, Suran Tradehouse
Suran, [6,-7]
The Suran Tradehouse

The Suran Tradehouse is a tavern on the east side of Suran.

The bar in the Suran Tradehouse
Shady business on the second floor

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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
An-Zaw Male Argonian Nightblade Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice) 9 69 98 0 30 Trainer
Ashumanu Eraishah Female Dark Elf Trader Service 8 69 122 30 30 Merchant
Jamie Female Redguard Crusader 10 115 80 0 30
Sakin Sanammasour Male Dark Elf Commoner Ashlanders Clanfriend(Clanfriend) 5 68 88 0 30
Hides His Eyes Male Argonian Scout 7 85 94 0 30 Trainer
Movisa Andas Female Dark Elf Battlemage 9 78 136 0 30
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