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Lucky Lockup
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Proprietor Benunius Agrudilius
Console Location Code(s)
Balmora, Lucky Lockup
Balmora, [-3,-3]
The Lucky Lockup

The Lucky Lockup is a tavern offering beds in Balmora.

The tavern is conveniently located across from the silt strider and the city gates. None of the polyglot patrons want any trouble with the Camonna Tong, in the Council Club next door.

Benunius Agrudilius sells the usual food and drinks, and rents rooms for 10 gold per night. He may donate one bottle of Cyrodiilic brandy for the fundraising dinner. Hickim offers training and thieves tools. The tavern has a small stage, complete with drums and a lute, although the bard Chuna isn't performing at the moment. The master trainer of Short Blade, Todwendy, has a room upstairs.

Benunius at the bar

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Imperial CultEdit


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Benunius Agrudilius Male Imperial Publican 5 61 112 100 30 Merchant
Chuna Male Argonian Bard 3 46 108 90 30
Culumaire Female Altmer Commoner 5 58 108 90 30
Hickim Male Redguard Assassin Service Morag Tong Blind Thrall(Blind Thrall) 9 105 102 100 30 Trainer; Merchant
Todwendy Female Redguard Agent 25 169 112 90 30 Master Trainer