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A Daedric Shrine to Molag Bal

Daedric Shrines are great edifices which have a characteristic architecture all of their own. Most of them are shrines to the "Bad Daedra", and many have fallen into ruins. Daedric creatures, from Scamps and Hungers to Atronachs and Daedroths, wander freely around their grounds both outside and inside, although a couple of the shrines have been occupied by a few foolhardy bandits and outlaws. Beware of the gem offerings at the altars: Daedra are rather touchy about having "their" possessions looted...

Shrines to MalacathEdit

  • Ashunartes — A small Daedric shrine to Malacath west of Marandus, near the shores of Lake Nabia. (map)
  • Ashurnibibi — A shrine to Malacath on a small peninsula northwest of Hla Oad. (map)
  • Assurdirapal — A shrine to Malacath west of the Sanctus Shrine. (map)
  • Dushariran — A shrine to Malacath on the West Gash road east of the stronghold of Berandas. (map)
  • Ibishammus — A single-room shrine to Malacath in the sewers beneath Vivec's Foreign Quarter. (map)
  • Kaushtarari — A small shrine to Malacath on an island south-southeast of Sadrith Mora and east of the Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
  • Shashpilamat — A shrine to Malacath on the Azura's Coast mainland, west of the Holamayan monastery. (map)
  • Zergonipal — A shrine to Malacath along the northern coast of Vvardenfell, on the mainland south of the Rotheran stronghold and just beside Bthuand to the east. (map)
  • Valenvaryon — This Dunmer stronghold on the northern coast of Vvardenfell has a large statue of Malacath outside. (map)
  • Sheogorad Region — West of Dagon Fel there is an open-air shrine to Malacath. (map)

Shrines to Mehrunes DagonEdit

  • Ald Sotha — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon, located on a scenic island just east by northeast of Vivec. (map)
  • Ashalmimilkala — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon southwest of the Hlormaren stronghold. (map)
  • Assarnatamat — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon on the Foyada Mamaea southeast of Caldera. (map)
  • Assernerairan — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon in the sewers beneath Vivec's St. Olms Canton. (map)
  • Assurnabitashpi — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon west of the Urshilaku Camp. (map)
  • Ebernanit — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon southeast of the Valenvaryon stronghold, in the Ashlands. (map)
  • Ularradallaku — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon situated within the Ghostfence on the slopes of Red Mountain. (map)
  • Yasammidan — A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon far west of Ald Velothi. (map)

Shrines to Molag BalEdit

  • Ashalmawia — A shrine to Molag Bal just east of Ald Velothi and south-southwest of Khuul. (map)
  • Bal Ur — A shrine to Molag Bal north of Suran, situated on the banks of Nabia River. (map)
  • Esutanamus — A shrine to Molag Bal south of Tel Mora. (map)
  • Kushtashpi — A shrine to Molag Bal nestled in the high hills of the Grazelands, some distance west of the Ahemmusa Camp. (map)
  • Ramimilk — A shrine to Molag Bal southeast of Ald'ruhn. (map)
  • Tusenend — A shrine to Molag Bal in the Molag Amur region, directly southeast of the Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
  • Yansirramus — An island shrine to Molag Bal southwest of Tel Aruhn. (map)

Shrines to SheogorathEdit

  • Addadshashanammu — A Daedric shrine to Sheogorath, located on an island northwest of Hlormaren, with its entrance facing northwest to the sea. (map)
  • Ald Daedroth — A large Daedric shrine that is located on the farthest island off the eastern coast of Sheogorad and north of Ahemmusa Camp. (map)
  • Almurbalarammi — A medium-sized Daedric shrine to Sheogorath, located near the center of the peninsula east of Molag Mar. (map)
  • Assalkushalit — A shrine to Sheogorath southeast of Maar Gan. (map)
  • Bal Fell — A large shrine to Sheogorath on an island in the southern sea. (map)
  • Ihinipalit — A shrine to Sheogorath in the Vivec St. Delyn Canton Sewers. (map)
  • Maelkashishi — A shrine to Sheogorath to the west of Maar Gan. (map)
  • Onnissiralis — A shrine to Sheogorath southwest of Vas. (map)
  • Zaintiraris — A shrine to Sheogorath south of Molag Mar. (map)

Other ShrinesEdit

  • Anudnabia — A sealed Daedric shrine on an isle just east of Sadrith Mora. (map)
  • Khartag Point — A shrine to Boethiah is built here if you perform Boethiah's Quest. (map)
  • Magas Volar — A Daedric shrine that is not physically connected to any location in Morrowind, and is only accessible by means of a certain magic amulet.
  • Shrine of Azura — A shrine to the Daedric Prince Azura on the southeastern tip of Vvardenfell, one of the few Daedric shrines that is not ruined. (map)
  • Shrine of Boethiah — A ruined underwater shrine to the Daedric Prince Boethiah, located off the Bitter Coast. (map)
  • Vivec Arena, Hidden Area — The Morag Tong headquarters here has a shrine to Mephala, though this is unique in that it does not feature a giant statue to the Daedra Lord, but rather looks more like a Velothi altar. (map)