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Daedric Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Daedra Lord Sheogorath
Console Location Code(s)
Onnissiralis, Shrine
Sheogorad, [-1,22]

Onnissiralis is a shrine to Sheogorath southwest of Vas. It can be found on a small island of the Sheogorad region, a little way west of Vas and north-northeast from Ald Redaynia. There are six hostile cultists here. The loot here is three pieces of raw ebony (one of them cursed), two rubies, and two diamonds.

With Helm of Tohan installed, the eponymous Adamantium helmet can be found here. Two brothers, Dalin and Daris Norvayne, hang around outside the shrine. If you talk to them, they will stage a fistfight between them to determine who will accompany you. Dalin is a swordsman with an enchanted sword, and Daris an archer with enchanted arrows.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Dalin Norvayne   Dark Elf Warrior 10 127 94 0 30 Added by Helm of Tohan official plugin
Daris Norvayne   Dark Elf Warrior 10 127 94 0 30 Added by Helm of Tohan official plugin
Ernard Genis   Breton Mage 18 99 178 0 90 Carries 2920, Rain's Hand
Hlar   Nord Barbarian 17 166 86 0 90
Hyring   Nord Barbarian 15 150 82 0 90
Jathlanie   Redguard Warrior 17 196 86 0 90
Rithrannir   Wood Elf Battlemage 19 120 180 0 90
Torline   Redguard Healer 18 117 98 0 90

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  • The Helm of Tohan has the greatest enchantment capability of any helmet in the game (150 points, twice as much as a Daedric Helmet and half again as much as the Telvanni Cephalopod helm) and one of the best armor classes as well (2.33 times your Medium Armor skill, for 233 AC with a skill of 100).
  • One of the worshippers here, Hyring, a Nord Barbarian, was mistakenly given a complete set of light Netch armor, even though her Light Armor skill is quite low. As a result of this minor error, she prefers to fight with no armor.
  • There's a bottle that comes out from a wall northwest of the statue. It's not clear if it's a bug or if it means something.


Map of Onnissiralis