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Daedric Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Daedra Lord Molag Bal
Console Location Code(s)
Yansirramus, Shrine
Azura's Coast, [12,4]

Yansirramus is an island shrine to Molag Bal southwest of Tel Aruhn. Molag Bal gives you a quest in this island shrine. The exterior of the shrine is guarded by a few leveled daedra and two Nord barbarians. Upon entering the shrine, a few stairs lead to the main shrine chamber, which is guarded by a Dark Elf mage and an Orc barbarian. The altar holds a silver longsword, some dreugh wax, a piece of raw ebony, and a cursed pearl. Behind the altar is a locked (55) chest containing an assortment of random magical items, potions, and books.

A hallway to the right of the shrine leads to a trapped door and a small living chamber guarded by a Dark Elf sorcerer. To the left as you enter is a single bedroll and a set table. To the right are two crates and two urns, all filled with clutter. In the back right corner, however, is a table filled with loot. On the table are three summon scrolls, one golden saint, and one each of frost and flame atronachs. There are also three potions, a standard potion of silence, an exclusive restore magicka potion, and an exclusive magicka resistance potion, as well as a copy of Ancestors and the Dunmer. Next to the table is an urn filled with an assortment of magical scrolls, as well as a trapped and locked (10) chest with a few random potions and books.

The shrine to Molag Bal within Yansirramus


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Bralis Seralas   Dark Elf Mage 13 85 140 0 90 Shrine
Ghamborz gro-Bagdub   Orc Barbarian 14 147 80 0 90 Shrine
Idlami   Nord Barbarian 12 135 78 0 80 Outside
Nelyn Sadri   Dark Elf Sorcerer 19 137 186 0 90 Shrine
Thurek   Nord Barbarian 14 149 80 0 80 Outside

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Map of Yansirramus