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Daedric Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Daedra Lord Malacath
Orcish Worshippers
Console Location Code(s)
Zergonipal, Shrine
Ashlands, [5,15]

Zergonipal is a shrine to Malacath along the northern coast of Vvardenfell, on the mainland south of the Rotheran stronghold and just beside Bthuand to the east.

The shrine to Malacath within Zergonipal

The exterior of the shrine is guarded by two Orcs, a warrior wearing a full set of Orcish armor and a healer, as well as a handful of Daedra. The interior of the shrine is made up of one main chamber, with two stairways leading to it from the entrance.

The shrine itself is guarded by another two Orcs, a warrior, and an agent named Shelur gra-Yargul. She is a medium trainer in Light Armor (56), Sneak (56), and Acrobatics (56), provided you can calm her down.

The altar holds frost and fire salts, a piece of raw ebony and a diamond, as well as a cursed Daedra's heart. Behind the altar is quite a bit of loot. There are two trapped chests, one unlocked containing some gems and weapons and the other locked (level 35) containing an assortment of random magical items, potions, and books. In between these chests is a table which holds the Heavy Armor skill book 36 Lessons of Vivec, two summon scrolls for a Golden Saint and a Flame Atronach, potions of Dispel and Detect Creatures, and a Quality Potion of Fire Shield.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Ghorlorz gro-Moghakh   Orc Warrior 18 202 88 0 90 Shrine
Shelur gra-Yargul   Orc Agent 15 120 110 0 90 Shrine Trainer
Ulam gro-Shugham   Orc Healer 14 99 88 0 80 Outside
Yargol gro-Bashnag   Orc Warrior 19 208 88 0 80 Outside


Map of Zergonipal