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Daedric Ruin:
Shrine of Boethiah
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# of Zones 0
Daedra Lord Boethiah
Leveled sea creatures
Console Location Code(s)
Bitter Coast, [-8,-4]
The Shrine of Boethiah

The Shrine of Boethiah is a ruined underwater shrine to the Daedric Prince Boethiah, located off the Bitter Coast.

The shrine sank long ago, but the ruins can still be found off the Bitter Coast, to the west (and slightly north) of Ashurnibibi, and to the south of Ashalmimilkala. M'Aiq the Liar may reveal its location to you, or you can find it on your own. If you speak to the head of the ruined statue, you will be given a quest by the Daedra Lord himself. If you complete the quest, a new shrine will be built at Khartag Point. There are no accessible interior areas of the shrine, and nothing of value to be found within the ruined structures.

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