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Daedric Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Daedra Lord Molag Bal
Console Location Code(s)
Tusenend, Shrine
Molag Amur, [14,-2]

Tusenend is a shrine to Molag Bal in the Molag Amur region, directly southeast of the Erabenimsun Camp.

The shrine to Molag Bal inside Tusenend

The exterior is guarded by leveled daedra. Inside are four Daedric worshippers who will attack you on sight. On the altar sits a diamond, a steel battle axe and a piece of cursed raw ebony. On the left side of the room is a bedroll and a table on which sit a scroll of elemental burst:fire, a scroll of frostbane, a potion of cheap fortify fatigue, a standard fortify magicka potion, a bottle of greef, a lesser soul gem, and some ectoplasm in a bowl. Also on the table is the Heavy Armor skill book Hallgerd's Tale. Next to the table are two trapped chests, one of them locked (50), containing random books, potions, enchanted weapons, gold, and some enchanted clothing. On the right side of the room are three bedrolls surrounding a small fire, along with several small sacks and a locked (5) chest containing a random weapon and gold.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Barirrid   Nord Barbarian 6 91 68 0 90
Gils Oril   Dark Elf Battlemage 14 106 158 0 90
Nargol gra-Uftharz   Orc Barbarian 7 96 90 0 90
Val   Nord Barbarian 8 101 72 0 90


  • When asked for a "little secret" in the Erabenimsun Camp, some people will tell you that they send outlanders to Tusenend when they are tired of listening to them.


Map of Tusenend