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Ul'vor KusEdit

Ul'vor Kus (or Ul'vor-Kus[1]) is the undersea kingdom ruled by the Sea Sload. Very little is known about the mysterious kingdom, but it is believed to be located somewhere in the Sea of Pearls.[2] The Ul'Vor Staff is a mysterious magical staff associated with the kingdom.[3]


Ularradallaku (also known as Ularra) is a Daedric ruin located on the slopes of Red Mountain in the island district of Vvardenfell, situated in the province of Morrowind. In its time, Ularradallaku was a temple dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Revolution and Destruction. It also contained a statue to Hircine, the Huntsman Prince. It subsequently fell into ruin. During the Interregnum circa 2E 582, Ularradallaku was used by the Circle of Champions as a site for bloodsport. Fighters from all three sides of the Alliance War came to the Ularra battleground to participate in the games held by the gladiators.

Eventually, the ruins once again fell into disuse. The Ordinators were charged with keeping cultists from restoring old Daedric shrines such as Ularradallaku, as worship of the Bad Daedra was forbidden by the Tribunal Temple. However, by 3E 427 the Ordinators had begun to neglect this duty, as they were occupied with suppressing of dissidents. With the Ordinators' attention turned elsewhere, worship at many of these temples was revived. Ularradallaku was one such site, being reclaimed by worshippers of Mehrunes Dagon. That same year, the Dark Brotherhood attempted to gain a foothold within the island of Vvardenfell, and negotiated with Mehrunes Dagon's cultists. The cultists promised the Brotherhood shelter in Dagon's shrines across Vvardenfell. Eno Hlaalu, grandmaster of the Morag Tong, took notice and ordered an assassin to wipe out the Brotherhood's strongholds. One of Ularra's worshippers wielded the Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping, one of the Threads of the Webspinner considered sacred by the Morag Tong. The gloves were reclaimed by an agent of the Tong that same year.

Ultherus SwampEdit

Ultherus Swamp, also known as Utherus Swamp is a region in Black Marsh. Little is known about this region of Argonia. The beautiful, but deadly Dragon's-Tongue plants are especially common around the area of the swamp.


Umbriel was a floating island contained within a pocket realm of Oblivion. It was split from the Fields of Regret, Clavicus Vile's realm, by Umbra.

It had buildings jutting from rock and castles hanging from cables, and towers on the rim of the island that appeared to be made of spun glass.

Underpall CaveEdit

Underpall Cave is a natural cave network found along the Orange Road between Chorrol and Bruma, in the Autumn Range region of Cyrodiil's Great Forest. It contains a subterranean fort named Underpall Keep, as well as a large underground lake in a cavern known as the Reflecting Chamber.

Like all natural caves, the tunnels that make up Underpall Cave once served as the capillaries of Nirn, pulsing with the divine essence of the Aedra. In 2E 512, a tunnel collapse sealed away the ruined fortifications of Underpall Keep, preventing any miner from re-entering that section for at least several decades. The keep was still buried circa 2E 582, when the cave network was taken over by a group of vampires known as the Bloodborn. Led by Raelynne Ashham, the Bloodborn took control of Underpall in order to raise an army of vampires and undead. Her brother, Gaston Ashham, was simultaneously raising his own in the ruins of Lipsand Tarn some distance to the west, and the two planned to meet in the Twilight Woods before sweeping all of northern Cyrodiil with their combined armies. A nereid known as Emelin the Returned also appeared in Underpall at this time. Both Raelynne and Emelin were ultimately killed by passing Alliance War soldiers.

By the Third Era, the ruins of Underpall Keep had again become accessible, and the cave was used as a family tomb by the Vlindrels, an old and powerful Imperial family. It became the final resting place of Lord Berich Vlindrel, a tyrannical ruler and ex-Knight of the Nine. Lord Vlindrel was buried with the Greaves of the Crusader and the Sword of the Crusader, two legendary relics of Pelinal Whitestrake which Lord Vlindrel had stolen from his former order when he went to fight in the War of the Red Diamond circa 3E 120. However, the evil which had overcome Lord Vlindrel in life ensnared his soul in death, and his restless ghost began to haunt the Orange Road, wielding the corrupted Sword of the Crusader which had been dragged down into evil along with him. This curse prevented him from joining his fellow Knights of the Nine in their eternal ghostly vigil at the Priory of the Nine.

In 3E 433, heeding the call of the Prophet of Anvil, a knight named Sir Roderic performed a Pilgrimage to the Nine Divines and received a troubling vision from the gods, instructing him to put Lord Vlindrel's spirit to rest and recover the Relics of the Crusader from his tomb. Sir Roderic traveled all over Colovia asking about the Vlindrels, and eventually located their family crypt in Underpall Cave. Along with his faithful squire Lathon, Sir Roderic entered the cave complex, which was crawling with undead, vampires, and necromancers. He confronted Lord Vlindrel's spirit and was struck down, but Lathon managed to flee with the Greaves. He brought them to the Priory of the Nine, the headquarters of the reformed Knights of the Nine led by the Hero of Kvatch. The Hero then traveled to Underpall Cave to recover the Sword of the Crusader and reconsecrate it at the Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal. By restoring the weapon to its holy purpose, the Hero redeemed Lord Vlindrel's soul, allowing him to join his fellow Knights in undeath and once again serve the Nine for all eternity as Sir Berich. After hundreds of years, the spirit of Lord Vlindrel would no longer haunt the Orange Road at night.

Urshilaku CampEdit

The Urshilaku Tribe is one of the four distinct tribes of the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. The Urshilaku are known as lore-keepers and mystics, they are highly-respected, and are in fact, the second-most populated tribe in the region. They commonly live along the northern coast, in the Urshilaku Camp where the West Gash meets the Ashlands. The Urshilaku Tribe are staunch believers in that the Nerevarine would return to unite the people. A sub-sect of the Urshilaku, known as the Nerevarine Cult are the ones that enforce this belief and worshipped Indoril Nerevar. The Urshilaku Tribe are known to keep Guar bones, because it is believed that the soul of the guar lingers in the bones and that they can continue to guide them, even after death. The Urshilaku Burial Caverns are found just east of Bthungthumz.


Urvaius is a county in south-central High Rock, in the Iliac Bay region. It has existed since at least the late First Era. After the Warp in the West, it became a vassal of the Kingdom of Wayrest.

It is bordered by Ykalon and Phrygias to the north, Dwynnen to the east, Anticlere to the south, and Daenia to the west. Its capital is the city of Urvaius. The Thrafey clan is the predominant vampire bloodline, and the regional deity is Stendarr.


Ustengrav is an ancient Nordic barrow found in the wilderlands of Hjaalmarch, in the province of Skyrim. Located on the northeast edge of the Drajkmyr marshlands, it is the site of a Word Wall and the burial place of Jurgen Windcaller, the founder of the Greybeards way back in the early First Era.


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