Lore:Lipsand Tarn

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Lipsand Tarn
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Colovian Highlands
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
Lipsand Tarn circa 3E 433
Lipsand Tarn circa 2E 582

Lipsand Tarn (or Soapstone Delve in Ayleidoon) is an Ayleid ruin located high in the Colovian Highlands of Cyrodiil. The locals of Chorrol know it as the Elf Haunts. It can be found in the Amber Woodland, far north of Chorrol and just west of the ancient city of Sancre Tor.


At some point after the Alessian Slave Rebellion, the settlement at Lipsand Tarn fell into ruin. It earned a bad reputation with the locals of Chorrol, who knew to keep away from it.[1]

During the Alliance War of 2E 582, the ruins were within the territory controlled by the invading Daggerfall Covenant. As necromantic forces began to stir throughout Cyrodiil, a vampire from Wayrest known as Gaston Ashham established himself in the ruins with a fellow vampire named Marbita, while his sister Raelynne Ashham journeyed to Underpall Cave. The siblings were pursued by a man named Leobert Charien, who tracked Gaston to Lipsand Tarn only to find the ruins swarming with undead. Gaston had awakened some evil power within the ruins, and Charien was slain attempting to kill him.[2] Gaston then went about raising powerful undead and quickly created a vampire coven. However, the priests at Weynon Priory sent soldiers to Lipsand Tarn to burn the corpses of two villagers who had been abducted by the vampires, and the coven leaders were killed in the process.[3]

By 3E 433, the ruins had once again become a vampire den.[4]

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