Online: People
Home Settlement Fort Amol
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Runs-With-Quickness is an Argonian acting as the ambassador of his people at Fort Amol. He is very offended by Prince Irnskar's behavior. He can be found at a camp east of Marla's House along with two Vicecanon's Sentries.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Talking to him before the quest:

"These damn cats follow us everywhere!
It's like they've never seen an Argonian before. Why do the Nords keep so many cats around? You'd think they were the Khajiit."

The Pride of a PrinceEdit

When you speak with him next, he will have had a revelation about the cats... and he'll be angry with Prince Irnskar for his terrible behavior.

"I think I figured out why the cats like us so much.
It's because we are so beautiful. And we smell good."
King Jorunn needs you to return to Prince Irnskar's meeting.
"Excuse me, but who are you?
And why is King Jorunn requesting any help from us? The Prince made it very clear that he thinks very little of my egg-kin and I. Why we even bothered coming here is beyond me."
There must be some way I can convince you to return to the Prince.
"The Prince cares nothing for us! He refused to send any help to my kin in Darkwater Crossing.
The trolls wander the town now and only the Hist knows what happened to my people. I offer the same thing to you as the Prince offered to me. Nothing!"
This is for King Jorunn, not Prince Irnskar.
"King Jorunn is a good man. Strong and wise. I hear he hates cats. He gave shelter to my people when they fled from the Stormfists and their Orc allies.
But that doesn't change the current situation. And Prince Irnskar is still a guar-licker."
I'll help your people if you agree to return to Prince Irnskar's meeting.
"It's too late to help Darkwater, but not to reclaim our honor.
A deal then. If you remove the head of the large troll we call Death-In-Winter and bring it to me, I will consider returning to Irnskar's meeting. For the King"

Speaking with him again:

"Bring back the head of the alpha troll to honor my people. Do what your Prince's guards refused to do.
Then I'll consider speaking with the others again.""

Bringing him the head:

"What's that smell? It's awful."
Here's the head of Death-in-Winter.
""My people came to Fort Amol from the west, but the town wasn't big enough to absorb them. They settled at Darkwater Crossing. Then the trolls came ….
You have done what that arrogant Prince would not do. Thank you."
With Death-in-Winter gone, maybe the survivors can take back the town.
"Perhaps. That is for them to decide. But at least they have that choice.
Like King Jorunn, you demonstrate honor. I will return to the Prince's meeting and hear what he has to say. You have earned that much."

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