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Race Nord Gender Male
Died 2E 582
Resided in Cyrodiil
High Hrothgar
Appears in ESO

Grundwulf was a member of the Dragonguard of Emperor Reman III.[1] He was contemporary with the notorious Chevalier Renald and the two grew to become great friends.[1] Early on In Grundwulf's recruitment into the Dragonguard, Renald approached the Greybeards of High Hrothgar as he wished for himself and those of his order to be taught the secrets of thu'um to help with their efforts but this was largely refused save one member, the newly recruited Nord Grundwulf.[1]

After being enrolled and trained by the hermits, Grundwulf proved apt and was able to learn the Voice. He departed from High Hrothgar to return to his order, inspired by the glory of slaying Dragons alongside his Emperor.[1] He chose not to share the secrets of the thu'um with his fellow Dragonguard.[1] After Reman III was slain by the Morag Tong in 1E 2920[2] Grundwulf felt great regret for not dying to protect his liege. After this event, the Dragonguard disbanded in disgrace, but certain members of the order such as Renald and Grundwulf felt their failure too great to rectify in one lifetime. To endure for centuries beyond, Grundwulf became a Vampire.[1]

In 2E 582 Grundwulf became entangled with a Khajiit Vampire order known as the Hollowfang Clan. The Clan Mother of this order, Nisaazda wished for his aid in drinking the blood of a Dragon in order to greatly increase the power of her clan.[3] To justify Grundwulf's involvement, Nisaazda declared him the Devourer and led him to believe he would become a Dragonborn.[1][4] This greatly enticed Grundwulf as he believed the return of Dragons was a sign the world was going to end in fire before the fabled Emperor came.[5] And as Dragonborn himself, he believed he could reignite the Dragonfires, restore the Empire of Reman, and prevent the worlds destruction.[1]

With the power of Grundwulf, the Hollowfang were able to force a Dragon to crash land into the jungles of Anequina in a place called Moongrave Fane.[6] Renald had learned of this delusion of his dear friend and sent him a letter informing him of the deception of the Hollowfang and that they were using him, and informed him that he was on his way to Anequina.[7] Nisaazda learned of this letter but was able to further deceive Grundwulf that Renald was merely blind to the potential of their plans.[3] She then created a complex mixture, made offerings, and rituals all for the preparation of consuming the blood of the Dragon.[3] By the time this was all nearly in motion, both Chevalier Renald, and the Vestige, accompanied by Undaunted companions arrived to Moongrave Fane.[8]

Renald and the Vestige formed an alliance in the hopes to defeat the Hollowfang and stop Grundwulf so as to prevent another dangerous attempt at a shortcut to power like the Soulburst.[1] Renald eventually confronted Grundwulf directly and was able to best him in combat, but before he could break through to his old friend, Nisaazda hit him with a sneaky blow greatly wounding him leaving further battle to the Vestige and their Undaunted companions.[8] The group was able to slay Nisaazda in the ensuing encounter, but Grundwulf was able to slip away and before it could be stopped, absorb the blood of the Dragon.[8] The Dragon was Sahrotnax, who was actually a long time enemy of the Dragonguard and knew both Renald and Grundwulf personally as the order had many unsuccessful parleys with the beast.[1] Upon absorbing the blood of Sahrotnax, Grundwulf became greatly empowered in a magical bloodlust state. Both the Vestige and fellow Undaunted along with the barely living, yet vengeful Sahrotnax all fought against the powerful Nord who used his warrior physicality, vampire blood magic, and thu'um but despite all this was struck down and slain.[8]

After the death of Grundwulf, Sahrotnax died shortly after which Renald celebrated as the one good thing to come from all the events. Renald lamented he could have done more to change the course Grundwulf took and before his departure to their vigil over the Empire, he and his battle-brothers mourned the loss of Grundwulf and remembered him as a bold, honorable, man of his word.[1]