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King Styriche
ON-npc-King Styriche of Verkarth 02.jpg
King Styriche
Race Nede Gender Male
Died 1E 1029
Bangkorai Garrison
Next Ruler Rada al-Saran
Resided in Verkarth
Appears in ESO

King Styriche (also known as the Vampire of Verkarth)[1] was the leader of the Gray Host, a massive army comprised of the undead and countless lycanthropic beasts which was defeated at the Bangkorai Garrison.[2] He ruled over Verkarth, a city in central Hammerfell. It is unknown when he became a vampire. Styriche made a deal with Molag Bal that condemned him and the entire Gray Host to Coldharbour upon their deaths.[3][4] For this, he became reviled by his last surviving brother-in-arms, Rada al-Saran.[3]

Under the leadership of Empress Hestra, the Empire invaded Verkarth in 1E 1029, routing the forces of the Gray Host towards the Bangkorai Garrison. There, they met their fateful end at the hands of Saint Pelin and the Garrison's soldiers, and the Gray Host was damned to suffer at the hands of Molag Bal for eternity.[2][5] Molag Bal briefly forced Styriche to fight on his behalf during the Planemeld.[6] Styriche's remains were entombed by the Pyre Watch in Bangkorai along with the rest of the Gray Host.[7]