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A Dwarven Horse

Vamidium is the Dwemeris word for "mount".[1] It is used to refer to the many different types of animunculi constructed by the Dwemer for use as steam-powered mechanical mounts. Many of these constructs were made to imitate nature, taking the form of animals commonly used as mounts by the other races of Tamriel. Like other animunculi, vamidiums appear to utilize soul gems or dynamo cores as a power source.


A vampire

A vampire is a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, which consumes the blood of living creatures. The vampires of Tamriel are undead, diseased persons who are hated, hunted, and misunderstood by the living. Whether they consider themselves cursed or blessed, or whether they have given into their animalistic instincts or have sought to rid the world of the disease, vampires are nonetheless considered abominations.

Vampire LordEdit

A vampire lord

The Vampire Lord is a powerful type of vampire, being much closer to being pure-blooded, although they do not necessarily have to be. Vampire Lords are tall humanoid bat-like creatures with sharp, sometimes poisonous talons and small wings. These creatures can shift between their original forms and the Vampire Lord form at will. They are also capable of using magic, and can also transform themselves into a cloud of bats to pass small distances or even mist to become temporarily invincible.


A vermai

Vermai are a type of gaunt and sharp-toothed Daedra that serve as dark minions of the lesser Daedra lords. They are aggressive and mindless, and typically attack all who approach. It is said that the Vermai have no thoughts, and therefore cannot fear. They have sometimes responded to attempts at communication, but never in any intelligible way, considered to be one of the most idiotic Daedra.

Those who summon them can control them through pacifying helmets. At some point during the early Second Era, the prodigal student Faindor of Agea Relle summoned Vermai through alchemy to serve him; out of spite, Nerien'eth had those same Daedra torture him. N'Gasta, a servant of Clavicus Vile, summoned Vermai to guard his tower and kept them under control through helmets. The "Vermai Clan" served Zenaida Nacarra, aiding Mehrunes Dagon in his invasion of the Battlespire during the Imperial Simulacrum.

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Verminous FabricantEdit

A verminous fabricant

Verminous Fabricants are creations of Sotha Sil that do not appear to be based on any extant creature of Nirn,[2] instead resembling lean bipedal reptiles with long necks, long tails, and a horn on their noses. Their hind legs are made of metal. In addition to being found in the Clockwork City, they were seen attacking Mournhold near the end of the Third Era.[3]

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Voles are a type of unpleasant rodent.[4][5] In an probable case of miscommunication, the Duke of Crows of the Blackfeather Court once insulted one of his servants by saying they didn't have the brains of an inbred vole, after said servant had brought him the brains of twenty voles.[6]

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A voriplasm

A Voriplasm (a.k.a. an Ooze or Slime)[7] is an amorphous blob of sentient green mucus,[8][9] mostly found in Black Marsh. Known for having an insatiable hunger, these creatures can strip down their victims to the bone within moments,[10] or can form spikes to pierce its target.[9] Voriplasms can then envelop and puppeteer the remaining skeletal structure of their victims as a "voriplasmic corpse".[11] The word for their name in Jel is unknown, but it translates to "death-mud".[12] It is believed that their ability to split into smaller entities is how these slimes reproduce. One Argonian theorizes that perhaps all voriplasms originate from one singular "mother-beast".[9] Leading credence to this theory is the "Wuju-Ka", a gargantuan slime that was sealed away in Tsofeer Caverns in Murkmire. This Wuju-Ka was essentially a spawning pool, churning out smaller versions of itself, and had a higher degree of control over them than the common voriplasm. Indeed, it utilized them as its "eyes, ears, and appendages", and through these extensions is how it interacted with the world outside its containment.[13][14]

Voriplasms, or at least organisms very similar to them, seem to be capable of forming from unclean locations or diseased creatures, even outside of Black Marsh.[15]

  • Variations: Bile Glob, Giant Voriplasm, Monstrous Ooze, Peryite's Glory, Riven Ooze, Spattering Ooze, Swamp Rot
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A vulk'esh

Vulk'esh are creatures of fire and lava that can be found all across High Isle and Amenos. Little is understood about them or their origins. They are known to live in underground volcanic depths, swimming through seas of fire.[16]

It is speculated Vulk'esh eat minerals, but there is no actual evidence for this.[16] Despite their strange morphology, they lay eggs to proliferate. The cooled molten crust of these creatures is known as "Vulk'esh Scoria", and it is believed to have magical properties.[17] Their excrement has a tendency to harden into dense, heavy, igneous coprolites.[18] Ash Hoppers can often be found in their wake.

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A Vulture feasting on a carcass

Vultures are scavenger birds that feed on carrion. Terror Birds are described as bearing resemblance to them.[19]

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A vvardvark

The result of a failed experiment by the Telvanni magister Varkenel, Vvardvarks are small creatures found in the province of Morrowind. They were prevalent on the island of Vvardenfell and the Telvanni Peninsula. They are a magical hybrid that possesses scales, fur, and a long tongue with sharp teeth on it. Their diet consists of small insects. The wizard attempted to create a kind of domesticated predator. His initial trials were aimed at using Ashlands stock to transfigure something similar to cats. Further experimentation would have increased its size and ferocity to create a novel kind of warbeast. His failure was considered one of the most successful accidents in the history of the House Telvanni. Varkenel was given the honor of expanding his experimentation to allow for a proper breeding program by the Archmagister of the House. The line of vvardvarks was expanded with additional colorations and configurations. Some Vvardvarks were even large enough to act as pack animals or riding mounts.

Despite their recorded unpleasant scent, Vvardvarks were domesticated as pets. Other uses for this chimeric creature were found, the Vvardvark's long tongue was used as fastenings due to their elastic qualities, while the Ashlanders used their hard shells for armor. The mounted variety of vvardvarks was adopted by the Mages Guild's Order of the Lamp due to their loyalty, surefootedness, tracking skills, as well as the belief that they can smell magicka.

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