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The Dungeon Challenge card for Campaign I, Chapter I.

You will often explore Dungeons during your adventures. These provide an essential source of Treasure and experience. Each type of Dungeon contains different creatures.

You can generally judge a Dungeon's difficulty based solely its type, with Caves being the easiest and Dwemer Cities being the toughest. The five Dungeon types are:

  • SkyrimTAG-icon-Cave.png - Cave: Fairly straight forward and frequently filled with Animal enemies.
  • SkyrimTAG-icon-Mine.png - Mine: Both Human and Animal enemies are found in Mines.
  • SkyrimTAG-icon-Tomb.png - Tomb: You will find the most Undead creatures here.
  • SkyrimTAG-icon-Ruin.png - Ruin: The most frequent enemy type is Daedra enemies.
  • SkyrimTAG-icon-Dwemer City.png - Dwemer City: Filled with Automaton enemies and traps, these are the typically the toughest Dungeons.

Dungeon Challenge CardsEdit

Each Chapter has a separate Dungeon Challenge card that shows which Encounters you will face inside each type of Dungeon. In some cases later on in the story, you will have to face more than one enemy at the same time.

When two or more players end their movement in the same Dungeon and declare that they want to explore it, all players involved face the Dungeon together. This takes the turn action for each player involved. You cannot be a part of a Dungeon exploration party and attempt to complete a Quest card on the same turn.

Dungeon CombatEdit

When fighting different Encounters within the same Dungeon, you recover your Stamina and Magicka between battles, but not your Health. You may also switch your Equipment, trade amongst other players, or even escape the Dungeon. Escaping a Dungeon between Encounters does not have a penalty, as opposed to escaping during Combat.

When the last enemy is defeated, the Dungeon is completed. The player who dealt the killing blow gains a Treasure card in addition to the rewards from the Enemy card. If the highest level enemy was level 3 or lower, the extra reward will be a Basic Treasure. If the highest enemy level was 4 or higher, the reward is an Advanced Treasure.

Once rewards are distributed, the defeated Dungeon cards are placed on the appropriate Dungeon's discard piles. However, as you level up, low level enemies may be removed from the game. When your Health, Stamina, or Magicka has reached a threshold, enemies of a certain level can be removed. This threshold begins at 6, at which point enemies at level 0 can be removed, and progresses up to 10, where enemies at level 4 or lower can be removed. You can keep track of which enemies can be removed on your Character Board. Summoned creatures are not removed from the game this way. If you escape Combat, no cards are discarded.

At the end of Combat, after all low level enemies have been removed from the game and all defeated Dungeon cards are in their respective discard piles, you draw an additional card from each Dungeon deck you used, shuffle it with the discard pile of that Dungeon deck, and place the resulting deck back on top of the original Dungeon deck. If any players involved in the Dungeon Exploration have a Legendary Skill, the whole Dungeon deck is shuffled instead. This may make the Dungeon decks considerably more challenging.


There are five decks for Dungeon Encounters. These will mostly contain the matching Enemy cards, but can also contain thematically related enemies, Traps, and Puzzles. The five Encounter decks are:

  •   - Animals and wild beasts.
  •   - Dwemer automatons and contraptions.
  •   - Daedric enemies.
  •   - Humans and humanoids.
  •   - Undead creatures.
Animal Encounter Deck
Name Level Enemy Type
Bear 0 Animal
Mudcrab 0 Animal
Sabre CatDG 0 Animal
Skeever 0 Animal
Bear Trap 1 Trap
Chaurus ReaperFtA 1 Animal
Giant Frostbite Spider 2 Animal
Ice WraithFtA 2 Animal
Snow BearFtA 3 Animal
Snow Wolf 3 Animal
Flail Trap 4 Trap
Side TunnelLE 5 Puzzle
Snowy Sabre CatDG 5 Animal
Spriggan matron 5 Animal
Chaurus Reaper 6 Animal
Mammoth 7 Animal
Spriggan Earth MotherGF 8 Animal
Chaurus HunterGF 9 Animal
Automaton Encounter Deck
Name Level Enemy Type
Dwarven Spider 0 Automaton
Dwarven Spider Worker 0 Automaton
Poison Gas Trap 0 Trap
Dwarven Sphere 1 Automaton
Dwarven Spider SoldierFtA 1 Automaton
Dwarven Ballista Trap 2 Trap
Dwarven Sphere GuardianFtA 2 Automaton
Dwarven Spider ClutterFtA 3 Automaton
Dwarven Spider Guardian 3 Automaton
Dwarven Centurion 4 Automaton
Feral FalmerDG 4 Human
Abandoned Treasure RoomLE 5 Puzzle
Dwarven Sphere Master 5 Automaton
Dwarven Thresher Trap 6 Trap
Dwarven Centurion Master 7 Automaton
Feral Nightmaster VampireDG 7 Undead
Dwarven Centurion ArmyGF 8 Automaton
Storm Dwarven CenturionGF 9 Automaton
Daedra Encounter Deck
Name Level Enemy Type
Dremora Churl 0 Daedra
Explosive Gas Trap 0 Trap
Flame Atronach 0 Daedra
Dremora CaitiffFtA 1 Daedra
Dremora Kynval 1 Daedra
Dremora ArcherFtA 2 Daedra
Swinging Blade Trap 2 Trap
Frost Atronach 3 Daedra
Dremora MageFtA 3 Daedra
Feral Vampire AssassinDG 3 Undead
Dremora Markynaz 4 Daedra
Battering Ram Trap 5 Trap
Secret CryptLE 5 Puzzle
Tyler^ 5 Daedra
Storm Atronach 6 Daedra
Dremora Lord 7 Daedra
Molag Bal DremoraDG 7 Daedra
Ancient Frost AtronachGF 8 Daedra
Ancient Flame AtronachGF 9 Daedra
Human Encounter Deck
Name Level Enemy Type
Bandit Archer 0 Human
Bandit Berserker 0 Human
Bear Trap 0 Trap
Bandit Guardian 1 Human
Feral Vampire ThrallDG 1 Human
Fire MageFtA 1 Human
Bandit Chief 2 Human
Ice MageFtA 2 Human
Dart Trap 3 Trap
Mercenaries^ 3 Human
Storm MageFtA 3 Human
Altmer Assassins^ 4 Human
Ice Mage Adept 4 Human
Falmer Spellsword 5 Human
Hidden Mine ShaftLE 5 Puzzle
Spear Trap 6 Trap
Starving VampireDG 6 Undead
Master Necromancer 7 Human
Frozen Falmer ShamanGF 8 Human
Falmer ShadowmasterGF 9 Human
Undead Encounter Deck
Name Level Enemy Type
Draugr 0 Undead
Flamethrower Trap 0 Trap
Vampire Fledgling 0 Undead
SkeletonFtA 1 Undead
Restless Draugr 1 Undead
Feral Vampire NightstalkerDG 2 Undead
GhostFtA 2 Undead
Vampire Mistwalker 2 Undead
Corrupted ShadeFtA 3 Undead
Rune Trap 3 Trap
Draugr Overlord 4 Undead
Sealed ReliquaryLE 5 Puzzle
Spear Trap 5 Trap
Ancient Vampire 6 Undead
Draugr Death Overlord 7 Undead
Feral Master VampireDG 7 Undead
WispmotherGF 8 Undead
Arch NecromancerGF 9 Undead
^Only added via a Quest.
Only added via Dawnguard's Vampire Spawning Deck.
Only added when you unlock a Legendary Skill.