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A frost eagle from Wrothgar

Eagles are birds of prey that can be found across Tamriel and carry cultural significance across the major races. Frost Eagles live in snowy regions like Skyrim and the Wrothgarian Mountains.

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An echatere

Echateres are large herbivorous mammals with tusks, pointed hooves, and large antlers. Found mainly in Wrothgar, they serve the Orcs as livestock and beasts of burden. They provide meat, fur, vellum, and milk for the Orcs. Echateres are stubborn and ornery.

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An elk

Elk are a species of large, ungulate mammals found in parts of Skyrim and Wrothgar. Like the similar Deer, they are very skittish and will quickly flee from potential danger. The elks of Fourth Era Skyrim are known for their distinctly large antlers.[1] Certain Reachfolk clans worship sacred elk spirits.[2] Sacred elk leather was used to craft armor pieces considered true Reach masterpieces.[3] The Daedric Prince Hircine is often depicted with the head or skull of an elk, which Khajiiti myths say belonged to Y'ffer's champion, the Graht-Elk.[4]

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An elytra native to Mania

Elytra are large mantis-like arthropods indigenous to the Shivering Isles. Like many of the native creatures of the realm, there are color differences between the Elytra of Mania and Dementia, but they are otherwise identical. They are found in high concentrations in root tunnel systems, but inhabit areas throughout the entire Isles. They were also found within Solitude's sewers, where a root tunnel system manifested as a result of Sheogorath's influence, and a madman's experiments with the Sword of Jyggalag. Some Elytra were smuggled out into the rest of Skyrim in hopes that they could be sold for a significant profit. Some Elytra secrete a glowing green substance known as Felldew, prized as a powerful, addictive drug.

Emperor CrabEdit

An Emperor Crab

Emperor Crabs are gigantic semi-aquatic crabs who were once native to the Ashlands of Vvardenfell, contemporary with the early settled Chimer. The species died out long before 3E 427. They are described as being as large as cathedrals and some naturalists believe they are related to the mudcrab. One source claims that they devolved into the modern mudcrab after abandoning divine pursuits in favor of mundane satisfactions.

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