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A Jackal

Jackals are wild dogs usually found in arid climates. They are also known as the "thieves' dog". They are quick to sniff out sources of food, and clever enough to figure out how to get at them.[1] The Hallin stand jackal has become a popular pet in Evermore. Some Redguards in Bangkorai have successfully bred local jackals into mounts. Jackals are known to travel in small packs. Their meat is gamey.[2] Smugglers often sell their pelts and skulls to buyers.[3] The Order of the Lamp uses large jackals as mounts.[4]

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Jalfbirds are avian creatures, occasionally served in a dish known as braised jalfbirds.[5]

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Jellyfish are a type of aquatic invertebrate that are sometimes used as decorative pets. Swamp jellies are said to have a disquieting resemblance to them.[6]

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A Jerboa

Jerboas are small hopping rodents with long ears and legs native to Elsweyr. They are compared to both mice and bunnies They breed quickly, and their meat is said to taste sweet.[7]

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A Luminary in the form of a female Dragon

Jills are mythical beings, said to fix the world during Dragon Breaks,[8] for this reason they are known as "minute-menders".[UOL 1] Some sources describe them as female Dragons.[UOL 1][UOL 2] Female Dragons are also mentioned in the historical-fiction, King Edward.[9] The Dragon, a Luminary of Magic, took the form of a female Dragon.[10] Legends mention several varieties of Jill, such as Aether-Jills, Earth-Jills, Magne-Jills, Tear-Jills, Thunder-Scaled Jills, and Void-Jills.[UOL 3]

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The joughat is an animal that is known to have been kept as a household pet by nobility. Circa 3E 110, one was owned by the young Uriel Septim III.[11]

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