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A xivilai

Xivilai (listen

) are highly intelligent Daedra in the form of tall and muscular blue/gray-skinned warriors with piercing yellow eyes. They are similar in many ways to their fellow daedra such as the Dremora, in terms of also having the most human-like appearance, personality, and temperament, but are of greater power and disdain subordination, being liable to disloyalty and betrayal when they feel they have not been treated with the proper deference and respect. They are rarely bound to a clan, and only the most powerful in the Daedric hierarchy can compel their obedience. Thus they are most commonly seen in the service of entities such as Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal. They often wield two-handed weapons and cast a wide variety of spells, including one to summon lesser Daedra.


A xivkyn

Xivkyn are an intelligent race of Daedra who were created by (and swear fealty to) the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. They were created to serve as his personal guard, and are the product of experiments with vestigial hybridization between Dremora (or "Kyn") and Xivilai in the Vile Laboratory. They are fiercely loyal to Molag Bal, and were in charge of the Daedric occupation of the Imperial City during the Planemeld.

Xivkyn are known to train Clannfear and Daedroths, and consider harvesters to be lacking in cunning. The term "Xivkyn" is heavily Cyrodilicized, referencing the Xivkyn's resemblance to the Dremora and Xivilai the race was "bred" from. They have several names for themselves, including the terms Stolavryk, Khimrykif, and Vyrsago. How the Xivkyn refer to themselves seems somewhat sporadic, as what they call themselves is said to "change depending on the hour". They appear as tall humanoid Daedra that possess blue-grey skin and ridged black horns that vary in length and curvature. Apart from the standard rack of horns, they may also have smaller horns on their forehead, crown, or chin. They also have sunken, icy blue eyes resembling their master's, as well as tapered ears. They tend to tower over their Dremora subordinates.

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