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A zombie

A zombie is a reanimated corpse, risen from the dead, mostly through the use of necromancy. They can also come about through certain diseases such as the Llodos Plague. When a necromancer wishes to create a zombie, they must take a corpse to a suitable site and enact rituals to resurrect the corpse. As part of an ancient tradition, those wanting an apprenticeship to a necromancer will sometimes create a zombie and show it to their prospective teacher. Zombies are also conjurable and mages can learn how to summon them from Oblivion.

Zombies can come in many forms, and in various stages of decay, they don't even require a head, and sometimes zombies can be found missing various limbs. Some zombies are known to vomit at people, as part of their attacks. The bite of a zombie can pass on a rotting disease that if it isn't treated will turn the victim into a zombie. Zombies are also known carriers of disease, they are known to pass on the following diseases, Ataxia, Astral Vapors, Chanthrax Blight, Collywobbles, Greenspore, Rattles, Rust Chancre, Serpiginous Dementia, Swamp Fevers, Wither, and Yellow Tick.

  • Variations: Azra Zombie, Bloodthorn Zombie, Dawn Zombie, Dread Zombie, Dusk Zombie, Headless Zombie, Tunnel Zombie, Zombie Guardian