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A High Elf with a feline companion

Cats are domestic felines that are usually found in populated areas. They are often tasked with catching rodents. The Khajiit share many feline features with cats, particularly the Alfiq, who are often confused for house cats outside of Elsweyr.


Abecean Ratter CatEdit

A short-haired brown cat famous from Hegathe to Woodhearth for its rodent-hunting skills. [1]

Big-Eared Ginger MouserEdit

A breed of cat known for its mousing skills and affectionate personality. They are favored as barn cats, and are loved by many for their cute, goofy-eared looks.[2] Their kittens make excellent shipboard pets. Their large ears allow them to hear the slightest motions.[3]

Black CatEdit

A short-haired black-colored cat.


The Grimalkin is a fluffy, prong-eared cat renowned for its excellent hearing. They have four ears, which enhances their sense of hearing.[4] Odd-Eyed grimalkins are heterochromic cats with white fur. They are rumored to have supernatural abilities by some.[5] The Prong-Eared Forge Mouser is a grimalkin with glossy black fur and amber eyes.[6]

Heartland Coon CatEdit

An enormous breed of cat from Cyrodiil with pronged ears. The Heartland Coon Cat is a renowned hunter of pests such as moths and large rodents.[7]


A short-haired gray tabby cat, said to be a distant relative of the Alfiq subspecies of Khajiit.[8]

Mages Guild Sentry CatEdit

A large-eared cat often seen in Mages Guildhalls. It is said to be able to detect any and all intruders, including Daedra and those who are magically concealed. [9]

Milady's Cloud CatEdit

Milk-white cats that are often kept by the House of Dibella. They are said to be sacred to Dibella and serve as her representatives in the animal kingdom. A House of Dibella will typically have three or four milk-white cats within its walls.[10]

Necrom Ghostgazer CatEdit

The Necrom Ghostgazer is a short-haired sealpoint cat favored by Telvanni wizards. They can purportedly see demons and spirits.[11]

Senchal Striped CatEdit

The Senchal Stripe is a cunning and elegant short-haired breed. It's known for being mischievous and getting into places where it doesn't belong.[12]


The Sphynx, also called the "Sphynx Lynx", is a hairless cat popular with nobles who are allergic to cats.[13] The black sphynx cats of the Alik'r, dubbed "Tu'whacca's Sphynx Cats", are said to bring the blessing of Tu'whacca to their household. For this reason, they are honored. They have also been observed sleeping with those who near death, giving them a reputation as guides to the Far Shores.[14]



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