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This article is about the account-wide interface. For the consumable trophies previously called "Collectibles", see Trophies.

A player browsing the Collections menus

The Collections system in Elder Scrolls Online is an interface which stores account-wide collectibles. Once acquired, they are available for use on all characters without needing to be obtained again. Since they are separated from the Inventory, collection items do not take up bag space. Some categories show up only after at least one item in it is collected. While your Collections menu is open, your character will look like they're reading a book with a green cover to any players who pass by.

The default keybind for accessing the Collections menu on PC/Mac is "U".


Upgrades are collectible items that typically serve some practical purpose. A few examples are listed below:

Appearance CollectiblesEdit

Appearance collectibles alter the way a character looks when equipped. Apart from wearable hats and costumes, players can further alter their character's appearance by equipping collectibles to override the markings, hair style, adornments, and facial hair they picked upon character creation. Personalities and skins can be equipped to change a character's animations or alter the surface of their skin, and polymorphs can be used to mask a character entirely, transforming them into something wholly different.

Other CollectiblesEdit


Several tools have been added to the Collections Window (U). These are collectible items with a practical use in gameplay, typically used to perform a mechanic of some sort in a dungeon or to grant an experience boost during specific events.

The Anniversary Jubilee cake for a given year is cycled out of the tools window and turned into a memento when the next cake is released. Cakes from previous years can still be activated from the Tools quickslot menu even after they are moved to Mementos.

Name Page Source Description
  Antiquarian's Eye Antiquarian's Eye (Tools) Obtained by completing the quest The Antiquarian Circle  in Western Skyrim. Allows you to Scry for Antiquities. When used within a Dig Site, indicates the direction to the nearest possible Antiquity location.
  Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug Given at the start of the New Life Festival event. This wooden mug always seems to have just enough mead in it for one more toast. Use this collectible during the New Life Festival to obtain a 100% experience boost.
  Cartoklept Map Cartoklept Map Obtained by locating the buried treasure in The Rift after securing a treasure map from the vault inside Scrivener's Hall. An old relic with the power to pinpoint the location of Cartoklepts and reveal their coordinates on your map. To reveal Cartoklept locations, the relic must be used in Scrivener's Hall and the Cartoklept must be in the same realm at the time of use.
  Fire Rock Fire Rock Obtained by assisting the Dead-Water tribe by completing Death Among the Dead-Water in Murkmire When used near a friendly strangler, can cause the plant to pull you to its location.
  Jubilee Cake (Yearly) Anniversary Jubilee Cakes Obtained by completing the (yearly) Anniversary event quest(s) Ache for Cake during the Anniversary Jubilee event. Chef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's a festival for your taste buds!
  Relic of the Sentinel Relic of the Sentinel Obtained by defeating Sentinel Aksalaz in combat and looting it from one of his treasure chests in Black Drake Villa This relic's tie to Sentinel Aksalaz allows you to summon forth his visage in a display of frosty power. When used within Black Drake Villa, all party members gain the Icy Vision effect, which reveals hidden treasures within Black Drake Villa.
  The Pie of Misrule The Pie of Misrule Obtained by completing the quest The Jester's Festival Does this taste funny to you? Use this collectible during the Jester's Festival to obtain a 100% experience boost. Because extra experience is no joke!
  Witchmother's Whistle Witchmother's Whistle Obtained by completing the Witches Festival event quest, The Witchmother's Bargain Use this whistle to summon the Witchmother's Cauldron. During the harvest, drinking the cauldron's brew may have additional effects.


Information about owned DLC is also available through the Collections interface under the Stories tab (which is divided into Zone DLC, Dungeon DLC and Chapters). This provides details on which DLC/Chapter an account has access to, and whether the starter quest for that DLC or Chapter has been accepted. It also provides a direct link to accept the quest.

The Chapter section lists the year's current Chapter (after it becomes available on the live servers), the Dungeon DLC section lists Dungeons that are added through Dungeon DLC releases, and the Zone DLC section lists DLCs that have a fully explorable zone.

For more information on DLC and Chapters, see the DLC and Chapter pages.


The Housing tab lists all of the player homes available. The tab is separated into sections for houses you've Collected and houses that are Not Collected.

By selecting a house you own in the Collected homes section, you can see an image of the house, read the home's loading screen text, where it's located, and see what kind of house it is. There is a button on the bottom left labeled Travel to House available in each Collected home's page. This button, of course, allows you to Travel to the home whenever you so choose. Your homes also have nicknames. In this window, you can change your home's nickname using the Rename button in the bottom right.

You can read all of this information about houses you don't own in the Not Collected tab as well. However, you cannot rename a house you don't own, and the option to travel to the home is replaced with a button to Preview the house. Previewing a home is fundamentally different from traveling to a home; if you exit a home while previewing it, you will end up back where you were before you teleported to the house. Conversely, if you travel to a home you own and exit through the front door, you'll end up in front of your house in whichever zone the home is located in. If you own Humblemud, and you exit Humblemud's front door, you'll find yourself in Dhalmora. If you decide to preview Grymharth's Woe while you're standing in Alinor, and you exit the house without purchasing it, you'll find yourself back in Alinor instead of Windhelm.

You cannot travel to or preview a home from the Collections menu while you're in a PvP location.

Outfit StylesEdit

This tab lists all of the styles you have collected via the Outfit System. Every style available in ESO can be previewed in this menu (except for Crown Store-exclusive styles, which, like pets and mounts, do not appear in an "uncollected state". They only appear in your Collections if you purchase them). Style pieces you haven't unlocked are greyed out; the icons appear in color when you collect them.

The Outfit Style collection is separated into two main sections: Armor Styles and Weapon Styles. These are further divided into lesser subsections. Under the Armor Styles section, you can view pieces for the Head, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Feet, Hands and Waist. Weapon Styles consist of the following subheadings: Two-Handed, One-Handed, Shield, Bow, and Staff.

For further information on Outfit collections, see the Outfit System page.

Set ItemsEdit

Set Collections were added with the release of Markarth in November of 2020. The Set Collection was affectionately dubbed the "Stickerbook" by ESO's devs and Community Managers. The name stuck with the ESO community; when players talk about the "Stickerbook", they're referring to Set Collections.

With the advent of the Set Collection, players no longer have to worry about sets clogging up their bank and inventory space. If you've collected a set piece, you can reconstruct it at a Transmute Station using crafting materials and Transmutation Crystals.

The left side of the Set Collections UI contains the navigation menu, including the headings separating set pieces by where they are found. On the right-hand side, you have a list of sets found in whichever subheading you're looking at.

Collectibles in the Sets tab are separated into 12 tabs, which are further divided into subheadings:

  • Latest Chapter: Sets found in the latest Chapter zone.
  • Aldmeri Dominion: Sets found in base game Aldmeri Dominion zones.
  • Daggerfall Covenant: Sets found in base game Daggerfall Covenant zones.
  • Ebonheart Pact: Sets found in base game Ebonheart Pact zones.
  • Infinite Archive: Sets acquired in the Infinite Archive.
  • DLC Zones: Sets found in zones added by Zone DLC.
  • Dungeons: Sets acquired in the base game dungeons.
  • DLC Dungeons: Sets acquired in DLC Dungeons.
  • Trials: Sets acquired in Trials.
  • Arenas: Sets acquired in Solo and Group Arenas.
  • PvP: Sets acquired by playing through PvP content (Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, Imperial City)
  • Miscellaneous: Sets acquired through the Antiquities system and in zones that don't fit the other categories. These include Coldharbour, Craglorn and the Alliance Starter Zones.

There is a search bar above the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the window. Here, you can type something in to find a set you're looking for without having to click on any subheadings. To the right of this search field, there are drop down menus for you to modify your search by Apparel Type and Weapon Type. You can pick more than one type of apparel and weapons to view, and when you click off one of the drop down menus after selecting as few or as many items as you'd like, the Sets window will automatically adjust the contents of the menu to show you set pieces that match the criteria you've selected. For example, if you select Medium Armor and Heavy Armor in the apparel box and Restoration Staves in the Weapon Type box, the menu will hide everything except Heavy Armor, Medium Armor and Restoration Staves.

You can toggle a checkbox in the top right corner of the right side of the menu to Show Locked set pieces (those you have yet to collect). If toggled on, you can see which pieces you're missing from any given set. If this box is not checked, you will only see set pieces you have collected. Beneath the checkbox is a progress bar for to track how many pieces in a given category you've collected. This large progress bar displays your progress for the entire subsection you've selected. For example, you can look at your progress for sets found in Malabal Tor or for Mythic Items. Collection progress bars for individual sets are located beneath the set's name.

While you're browsing the set collection menu, your character cycles through several animations. These animations make it look like your character is trying on or adjusting armor pieces, and are only visible to other passing players


  • The Collectible tab in the Quickslots menu was broken out into Mounts, Pets, Appearance, Mementos, and Assistants tabs in Patch 3.2.5.