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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-store-Supply Crate.png Any Race, Any Alliance Bundle 020002,000 Crowns Unlocks the ability to create characters of any Alliance regardless of race. Represent your Alliance with a Mount, Pet, Costume, and Hat!
Also contains a Race & Name Change Token, 3 Experience Scrolls, and a collection of Treasure Maps.
In addition to unlocking the "Any Race, Any Alliance" feature, the bundle also contains:
1x Name and Race Change, Alliance Rider Hood, Alliance Rider Outfit, Alliance War Dog, Alliance War Horse, Coldharbour Treasure Map, Covenant Treasure Map, Dominion Treasure Map, Pact Treasure Map, 3x Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll
PC/Mac: May 20 2019
Console: 4 June 2019

ON-icon-store-Supply Crate.png Starter Pack ata]](?) Crowns (?) The fourth? iteration of the starter bundle, containing 80 Crown Lethal Poisons, 10 Crown Tri-Restoration Potions, 2 Crown Repair Kits, 2 Crown Soul Gems, 1 Crown Fortifying Meal, 1 Crown Experience Scroll, a Piebald Destrier Mount, and a Windhelm Wolfhound Pet.
It went on sale for 60% off (00480480 Crowns) during the 2016 Black Fredas sales event.[1]
PC/Mac: (?) - November 28, 2016
Console: (?) - (?)

ON-icon-store-Supply Crate.png Starter Pack 00500500 Crowns Utility pack of consumables such as Potions, Foods, Soul Gems, Repair Kits, XP Scrolls, and Poisons—plus a Black Panther Cub Pet! The fifth iteration of the starter bundle, containing 5 Experience Scrolls, 5 Fortifying Meals, 240 Lethal Poisons, 5 Repair Kits, 10 Soul Gems, 30 Tri-Restoration Potions, and a Striped Senche-Panther Cub. PC/Mac: 22 May 2017
Console: 6 June 2017
ON-icon-store-Supply Crate.png Starter Pack, Adept 010001,000 Crowns Utility pack of consumables such as Potions, Foods, Soul Gems, Repair Kits, XP Scrolls, Riding Lessons, and Poisons—plus a White Mane Horse and 3 Costumes! An expanded starter pack, containing 10 Experience Scrolls, 10 Fortifying Meals, 255 Lethal Poisons, 10 Repair Kits, 20 Soul Gems, 90 Tri-Restoration Potions, 5 Riding Capacity Lessons, 5 Riding Speed Lessons, 5 Riding Stamina Lessons, Crafty Lerisa's Thief Outfit, Knight of the Flame outfit, Mages Guild Research Robes, a White Mane Horse, and an exclusive Dye Stamp. PC/Mac: 22 May 2017
Console: 6 June 2017
ON-icon-furnishing-Nord Cart, Hay.png Steadfast Stablemaster Bundle 018001,800 Crowns Everything you need to pamper your heroic horse companion waits for you in this bundle—including the horse! Shelter, food, tasty treats, and more allow you to master your grooming skills, improve your riding proficiency, and cosset your beloved steed. A bundle geared towards mounts, consisting of three riding lessons, furniture and a horse. The bundle includes the Whiterun Windsteed, Crown Lesson: Riding Capacity, Crown Lesson: Riding Speed, Crown Lesson: Riding Stamina, Basket of Apples, Full, Breton Stool, Plain, Carrots, Wax, Common Pack, Backpack,

Hlaalu Shed, Open, Nord Cart, Hay, Straw Pile, Tool, Pitchfork, Watering Trough, Full,

11 June 2020
48px Heroes of High Isle Reward Bundle FREE!FREE! Crowns To the Heroes of High Isle go the rewards. This reward bundle includes the Firesong DLC, Oak's Promise Markings, Plant Yourself Emote, and 6 cascading hoard boxes.
Ensure this is desired character, as some gear will level lock when claimed.
Note: This item's Crown Store availability may vary based on platform and in-game progress. PC/Mac: October 7, 2022 - 21, 2022
Console: (?)