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Elder Scrolls Online
Imperial Edition box art

The Imperial Edition was the collector's edition of The Elder Scrolls: Online. It was included with additional exclusive content.

The physical version, only available by pre-ordering in retail, came with:

Both the physical and digital Imperial Editions unlocked the following exclusive digital content:

Several players who pre-ordered the digital Imperial Edition for PC/Mac also accidentally received a pet Rufous Mudcrab. Those who bought the Imperial Edition on Steam before 21 July, 2014 also received a Whiterun Wolfhound.

Originally available through the PC/Mac Store and Steam, the Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade can now only be purchased through the Crown Store. Crown Store upgrades act on a per-server basis; if you want to upgrade your Standard Edition on both servers, you will need to buy the upgrade twice. Additional Pledges of Mara can be bought separately in the Crown Store.


  • Unlike the Crown Store upgrade, any Imperial Edition upgrades purchased from the PC/Mac Store or Steam were not server-bound and applied to all PC servers.
  • PC/Mac players who copied their account to PS4 and Xbox One maintained their Imperial Edition status had they previously purchased it.

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