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Gather ingredients for a special anniversary cake.
Quest Giver: Jubilee Cake Voucher 2016
Jubilee Cake Voucher 2017
Jubilee Cake Voucher 2018
Jubilee Cake Voucher 2019
Stack of Jubilee Cake Vouchers or Crown Store quest starter (2020 onwards)
Next Quest: For Cake's Sake
Reward: Jubilee Cake 2016
2nd Annual Jubilee Cake 2017
3rd Annual Jubilee Cake 2018
Jubilee Cake 20192019
Jubilee Cake 20202020
Jubilee Cake 20212021
Jubilee Cake 2022 2022
Jubilee Cake 2023 2023
XP Gain: Very Low Experience
ID: 56352016
Chef Donolon has arrived in town
This quest was only available during the Anniversary Jubilee event
This event recurred yearly from 2016 to 2023, and has since been replaced with the quest For Cake's Sake as of 2024.
I received a voucher for a special-occasion cake from the renowned master baker, Chef Donolon.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Read the Jubilee Cake Voucher or accept the quest via the Crown Store.
  2. Talk to Chef Donolon at Vulkhel Docks, Daggerfall Harbor District, or the Davon's Watch Dockyards.
  3. Gather bananas, flour and honey for the cake.
  4. Return to Chef Donolon and wait for your cake.
  5. Talk to Chef Donolon again to claim your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

To start this quest, you will need to accept it via the Crown Store or find the Stack of Jubilee Cake Vouchers near the Jubilee Bakery Barge. For versions of this quest given between 2016 and 2019, you first need to acquire the free Jubilee Cake Voucher from the Crown Store. Read the voucher, found in your inventory in the Consumables section (on PC) or the Supplies section (on console), to start the quest:

"This voucher provides the bearer with one cake for special occasions from the renowned baker, Chef Donolon."
<Continue reading the voucher.>
"To redeem this voucher and receive your special cake, look for the chef and his bakery barge in the ports of Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, and the Harbor District of Daggerfall. We guarantee it will be delicious!"

Head to the Docks in Vulkhel Guard, the Dockyards of Davon's Watch, or the northern Harbor District of Daggerfall. There you will find Chef Donolon and his Jubilee Bakery Barge. Note that you can visit any of the locations, and do not have to go to your home alliance. Donolon's dialogue will alter slightly depending on the zone you are in.

Once you have spoken to Donolon, you need to gather the ingredients for the cake. These are readily available near Chef Donolon in Honey Barrels, Flour Sacks, and a tray containing bananas, or you could head into the city and purchase them from a Grocer. Once you have them all, return to Donolon.

While you are waiting for your cake, you could take the opportunity to read Donolon Bakes, located on top of a nearby barrel. Once Donolon is finished baking, speak to him again.


You now have the Jubilee Cake, which will grant a 100% boost to XP for two hours every time you activate the cake for the duration of the 2020 Anniversary Event. You have to first activate it from your Collections, which places the cake in the game world next to you. Then you activate this cake to eat it and thus earn your timed bonus.

For the 2017 Annual Anniversary, you will receive a different albeit similar memento, the 2nd Annual Jubilee Cake.

For the 2018 Anniversary, the cake has received another layer: 3rd Annual Jubilee Cake.

For the 2019 Anniversary, the cake was an iced fruit cake, decorated with blue roses and an ESO logo cake topper: 4th Annual Jubilee Cake.

For the 2020 Anniversary, the cake was a three-tiered red velvet cake, decorated with berries and dark chocolate icing: 5th Annual Jubilee Cake.

For the 2021 Anniversary, the cake was Deadlands-themed and dripping with red icing: Jubilee Cake 2021.

For the 2022 Anniversary, the cake was blue and nautical-themed: Jubilee Cake 2022.

For the 2023 Anniversary, the cake was a green and purple bundt cake, decorated with kiwis and blackberries and Hermaeus Mora-themed: Jubilee Cake 2023.

Cake GalleryEdit


  • The quest was replaced with For Cake's Sake as of the 10th Anniversary Jubilee in 2024 with the explanation that Chef Donolon has set sail, though if you have completed it before, you will have unique dialogue with Apprentice Mogh about trying Donolon's cakes.
  • The cake can be shared with others in your group if they don't have their own.
  • The XP buff stacks (additively) with the following XP buffs: Alliance War Keep bonues; Crown Experience Scroll OR Psijic Ambrosia (or 100% and 150% alternatives); ESO Plus; Grouping buff; Rings of Mara; Exploration Trait.
    • In 2016, there was initially a bug that prevented the cake from stacking with other buffs, as XP bonus was capped at 100%. A fix was released shortly after, and the event was extended from April 10 to April 12 as an apology.
  • The buff cannot be reapplied in Cyrodiil.
  • After the event ended each year, Chef Donolon was removed from the dockyards, but his supplies and boat remain. The Donolon Bakes book was moved from the docks to the respective cities' local inns.[verification needed — after 2017?] The cake mementos remain usable by those who earned them, but they lose its golden glow and no longer apply the buff.


  • When giving the quest in 2016, the Jubilee Cake Voucher took the name of your currently-equipped helmet. With no helmet equipped, the name was blank.
  • The voucher is removed from your inventory as soon as you use it. If you exit out of the dialogue before the quest starts, you will not be able to use the voucher again. However, the voucher can be re-obtained from the Crown Store should this happen.
  • Previous cake mementos are usable and apply the experience buff during subsequent years' events.

Quest StagesEdit

Ache for Cake
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I can collect my cake by finding the baker and his bakery barge in the ports of Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, and the Harbor District of Daggerfall.
Objective: Find Chef Donolon
Chef Donolon will make me a special Jubilee Cake, but I need to bring him the ingredients he needs to prepare a fresh one. I need to gather or buy bananas, flour, and honey and bring them back to the chef.

HINT: Many ingredients can be purchased from local vendors.

Objective: Gather Bananas: 0/1
Objective: Gather Flour: 0/3
Objective: Gather Honey: 0/2
Objective Hint: Find Ingredients or Purchase Them from a Grocer
Objective: Return to Chef Donolon
I gave Chef Donolon the ingredients he requested. Now I just need to wait for him to complete my Jubilee Cake.
Objective: Wait for Your Cake
Finishes quest  It looks like Chef Donolon has completed my cake. I should talk to him so I can claim it.
Objective: Talk to Chef Donolon
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