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Online:Skill Styles

Characters using their modified skills

Skill Styles are a feature added by the Gold Road chapter, that allow you to change the appearance of certain skills. The effect is purely cosmetic, and does not change the effects of the skills. They can be used with either the base skill or its morphs, and does not change in appearance based on choice of morph. They are generally earned from certain Achievements, though some are unlocked by quests. Once a skill style is unlocked by one character, it is available for all characters on that account.

Skill Requirement
Skill Style
ON-icon-skill-Support-Barrier-Turquoise Blue.png Barrier The Wing of the Crow
Barrier, Turquoise Blue
ON-icon-skill-Restoration Staff-Blessing of Protection-Sky Blue.png Blessing of Protection Death and Titans
Blessing of Protection, Sky Blue
ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Cleave-Cinnabar Red.png Cleave A Signature with Class
Cleave, Cinnabar Red
ON-icon-skill-Fighters Guild-Dawnbreaker-Dusk Purple.png Dawnbreaker Skill Stylist: Dawnbreaker
Dawnbreaker, Dusk Purple
ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Entropy-Vibrant Yellow.png Entropy Gifts from the Archmagister
Entropy, Vibrant Yellow
ON-icon-skill-Fighters Guild-Expert Hunter-Carmine Red.png Expert Hunter Lucent Citadel Vanquisher
Expert Hunter, Carmine Red
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Force Shock-Onyx Black.png Force Shock Ink Accumulator
Force Shock, Onyx Black
ON-icon-skill-Restoration Staff-Grand Healing-Lilac Purple.png Grand Healing Skill Stylist: Grand Healing
Grand Healing, Lilac Purple
ON-icon-skill-One Hand and Shield-Low Slash-Burnt Orange.png Low Slash The Wing of the Gryphon
Low Slash, Burnt Orange
ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Magelight-Viridian Green.png Magelight Gold Road Sword for Hire
Magelight, Viridian Green
ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Meteor-Blazing Orange.png Meteor Skill Stylist: Meteor
Meteor, Blazing Orange
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Poison Arrow-Crimson Red.png Poison Arrow Gold Road Pathfinder
Poison Arrow, Crimson Red
ON-icon-skill-Restoration Staff-Regeneration-Azure Blue.png Regeneration West Weald Skyshard Hunter
Regeneration, Azure Blue
ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Reverse Slash-Ruby Red.png Reverse Slash Glass Sky Defender
Reverse Slash, Ruby Red
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Snipe-Scarlet Red.png Snipe Antiquarian Chase: West Weald
Snipe, Scarlet Red
ON-icon-skill-Soul Magic-Soul Trap-Orchid Purple.png Soul Trap The Second Era of Scribing
Soul Trap, Orchid Purple
ON-icon-skill-Fighters Guild-Trap Beast-Dawnlight Orange.png Trap Beast The Wing of the Dragon
Trap Beast, Dawnlight Orange
ON-icon-skill-Assault-Vigor-Soothing Blue.png Vigor The Wing of the Netch
Vigor, Soothing Blue
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Wall of Elements-Violet Purple.png Wall of Elements Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Wall of Elements, Violet Purple
ON-icon-skill-Assault-Warhorn-Amber Orange.png War Horn Mirrormoor Incursion Disruptor
Warhorn, Amber Orange
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Weakness to Elements-Purple.png Weakness to Elements Fate of the Forgotten Prince
Weakness to Elements, Purple
ON-icon-skill-Dual Wield-Whirlwind-Ochre Orange.png Whirlwind Caught in a Trap
Whirlwind, Ochre Orange