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Online:The Antiquarian Circle (quest)

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Join the Antiquarian Circle.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Quest Giver: Calling All Antiquarians! or Verita Numida in Solitude
Location(s): Solitude
Next Quest: The Antiquarian's Art
Reward: Antiquarian's Eye (page)
Scrying skill line
Excavation skill line
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6514
Attune yourself to the Antiquarian's Eye
I found a recruitment letter offering membership in a scholarly society called the Antiquarian Circle. Joining this fellowship could lead to some exciting discoveries.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Read Calling All Antiquarians! or talk to Verita Numida.
  2. Touch the Antiquarian's Eye.
  3. Return to Verita Numida.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While walking the streets of Solitude, you will find a recruitment notice for an organization of scholars, historians, and knowledgeble adventurers dubbed the Antiquarian Circle. If interested, the notice directs you to speak to Verita Numida at Solitude's Circle building.

Whether you followed the flyer's directions or spoke to her directly, Verita will explain the Circle's purpose of seeking antiquities Tamriel-wide and tell you how admission works by using their society's scrying tool, the Antiquarian's Eye.

Before beginning the admission process, you may speak to Verita about details on the Eye, the Circle's values and goals, and a little of the University of Gwylim's recent history.

Once you approach the Eye and touch it, a pulse of cyan-colored energy fills the room as Verita exclaims how impressed she is, as the Circle "rarely sees such an energic attunement". Passed with flying colors!

Verita will now take your vows:

"Do you vow to uphold the principles and traditions of the Circle? To catalog your discoveries for future generations and give a true accounting of Tamriel's history?"

Once you agree to your vows, Verita will welcome you to the Circle, unlocking the Scrying and Excavation skill lines and enabling you to use the Antiquarian's Eye to scry for antiquities.

Quest StagesEdit

The Antiquarian Circle
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should seek out the ancientist, Verita Numida, at the University of Gwylim's North Annex in Solitude to find out more about the Antiquarian Circle.
Objective: Talk to Verita Numida
  Verita Numida encouraged me to touch a nearby scrying tool called the Antiquarian's Eye. If the object allows me to attune to it, Verita will grant me membership in the Antiquarian Circle.
Objective: Examine the Antiquarian's Eye
Finishes quest  I successfully attuned to the Antiquarian's Eye and proven my aptitude. Now I can join the Antiquarian Circle and begin the search for ancient relics. I should talk to Verita to make my membership official.
Objective: Talk to Verita Numida
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