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Player House:
Grymharth's Woe
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Giant's RunEastmarch
Eastern Windhelm
House Prices
Gold 00280000280,000 Gold
Unfurnished 038003,800 Crowns
Furnished 048004,800 Crowns
House Stats
Type Classic
Size Medium
Style Nord
Traditional Furnishings 200 (ESO Plus400)
Special Furnishings 3 (ESO Plus6)
Collectible Furnishings 10 (ESO Plus20)
Special Collectibles 3 (ESO Plus6)
Player Cap 12
House ID 29
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Fine urban living in Windhelm is now available at this commodious town home, which features a lofty main floor, two fireplaces, and a second-floor balcony. Alas, that balcony lacks a railing, which is how Grymharth, after too much mead, came to woe.
Grymharth's Woe

Grymharth's Woe is a medium player house in Windhelm. The house has no exterior at all; instead you are greeted by a spacious 2-story hall with a fireplace. On the left there are stairs leading to a second floor and a small room under those stairs. At the top of the stairs there is a medium sized room with a fireplace and a doorway to a slightly smaller room.

It is conveniently situated very close to Windhelm Outlaws Refuge for those needing a quick means of escaping a thorny legal situation. Also nearby are the city's crafting areas, and Windhelm Wayshrine is a short walk away.



The "unfurnished" house has 5 total furnishings.


The "furnished" house has 145 additional furnishings.

Hearth (51)
Baskets and Bags (18)
Breads and Desserts (1)
Cabinetry (1)
Cookware (3)
Dishes (8)
Drinkware (5)
Laundry (3)
Meats and Cheeses (3)
Pottery (6)
Produce (1)
Stockroom (1)
Utensils (1)


Stormcrag Manor
  • This house is almost identical to Old Mistveil Manor save for the absence of the yard, full upstairs balcony and a small entrance foyer below the balcony.


There are several achievements associated with this house:

Achievement Points Description Notes
   Landowner 10 Obtain and enter any of the following classic homes.
   Landlord 15 Obtain and enter three of the following classic homes.
   Land Baron 50 Obtain and enter five of the following classic homes.
   Apprentice Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 50 objects. Furnished
   Journeyman Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 100 objects. Furnished
   Hearth Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 50 Hearth furnishings. Furnished