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This article is about in-game items. For PS4 Trophies, see Achievements (consoles).

Trophies are a set of items in Elder Scrolls Online that include Treasure Maps, Survey Reports, Fish and some Quest Items, as well as souvenir items which add progress towards "Trophies Achievements". Pets and Mementos were originally considered trophies before they were moved into the Collections system.

Sometimes when you kill certain creatures, you may acquire special monster trophies previously known as Collectibles. These automatically add progress towards Trophies Achievements, and then you can sell them to vendors; otherwise, they only take up space in your inventory. If you collect all of the trophies of a given set, you'll receive a 10 point Achievement. Collectibles cannot be traded to other players.

For in-depth information on where these treasures can be acquired, see the achievement page for the type of trophy you're looking for.

Monster TrophiesEdit


Trophy Creature
Smoldering Ember Heart Flame Atronach
Fleshy Symbiont Flesh Atronach
Everfrost Frost Atronach
Crackling Lodestone Storm Atronach


Trophy Creature
Shimmering Alit Bezoar Alit
Magnificent Bat Pelt Giant Bat
Gnarled Bear Claw Bear
Wolf's Tooth Necklace Wolf
Cat's Claw Senche-Tiger
Inert Egg Giant Snake
Malformed Kagouti Tusk Kagouti
Huge Mammoth's Tooth Mammoth
Buzzing Spine Wamasu
Bile Gilt Netch
Cruel Collar Jackal
Scaly Durzog Hide Durzog

Chitinous CreaturesEdit

Trophy Creature
Petrified Spider Egg Spider
Calcified Cuttle Kwama
Razor-Edged Mandible Shalk


Assassin Beetle

Luminous Blood Sac Hoarvor
Polished Shell Shard Mudcrab
Prized Barb Scorpion
Multifaceted Eye Nix-Hound
Gossamer Winglet Wasp


Trophy Creature
Banekin Horn Banekin
Daedric Dewclaw Clannfear
Burning Daedroth Eye Daedroth
Blighted Iron Collar Scamp
Spider's Crown Spider Daedra

Dwemer ConstructsEdit

Trophy Creature
Perfectly Balanced Gyro Dwarven Sphere
Whirring Dynamo Dwarven Spider

Monstrous CreaturesEdit

Trophy Creature
Werewolf's Cameo Werewolf
Nose Shackle Ogrim
Troll Skull Troll
Ogre Toe Ring Ogre
Stony Heart Gargoyle
Second Skin Lamia
Flawless Tail Feather Harpy

Nature CollectorEdit

Trophy Creature
Primal Sproutling Spriggan
Lashing Tentacle Strangler
Brass Anklets Nereid
Imp's Effigy Imp
Icebound Vertebra Ice Wraith
Knotted Heart Lurcher
Glowing Remnant Wisp


Trophy Creature
Hand of Glory Zombie
Chattering Skull Skeleton
Wraith Shackle Wraith
Crypt Jar Mummy
Twitching Draugr Hand Draugr
Ectoplasmic Discharge Ghost

Other TrophiesEdit

Folium DiscognitumEdit

Pledge of MaraEdit


Achievement Points Description Reward
    Atronach Element Collector 10 Collect trophies from all types of atronachs.  Elemental White
    Chitin Accumulator 10 Collect trophies from all the chitinous creatures of Tamriel.  Mudcrab Maroon
    Dwarven Secrets Gatherer 10 Collect trophies from Dwemer constructs.  Faded Dwemer Scholar Red
    Monstrous Component Collector 10 Collect trophies from all the monstrous creatures of Tamriel.  Trolls Fur Brown
    Nature Collector 10 Collect trophies from nature spirits and natural creatures from across Tamriel.  Spriggan Green
   Oblivion Shard Gatherer 10 Collect trophies from all types of slain Daedra.  Oblivion Vermilion
    Tamriel Beast Collector 10 Collect trophies from all the beasts of Tamriel.  Beast Collector Violet
    Undead Hoarder 10 Collect trophies from all the undead of Tamriel.  Gangrene Green


  • Since Update 33, achievements and part-achievements are now account-wide, rather than character-specific. It is therefore possible to qualify for any given trophy Achievement by obtaining its constituent monster-trophies on separate characters. Indeed, players who were already in that situation (having found all the constituent trophies from an achievement list, but on separate characters) found themselves fulfilling the requirements for the Achievement automatically when this update was rolled out.
  • Prior to Update 7, trophy items had to be used in the inventory before they counted towards the related achievements. Upon use, the trophies disappeared. It was possible with this setup to transfer items to other characters on the same account using the Bank, allowing you to choose which character to progress the achievements with. This option was no longer viable when achievement progress became automatic upon acquisition of the trophy, and the items became bound on pickup, so they could no longer be placed in your bank or traded to other players.
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