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The Transmutate Station in the Brass Fortress
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Transmute Stations are a type of crafting station that was introduced in Update 16 as part of the Clockwork City DLC. This crafting station has the ability to change an item's trait, for a cost of fifty Transmute Crystals.

Only one Transmute Station can be found in the world, at the Hall of Refined Techniques in the Clockwork City's Brass Fortress. However, stations can also be purchased as furnishing items from the Master Writ merchant for 00012501,250Writ Vouchers or from the Crown Store for 045004,500 Crowns and placed in player houses. As such, players without access to the Clockwork City DLC can still change traits via player housing.

Transmute Stations can also be used to reconstruct set pieces that are in your collection.


  • To reconstruct an item with a trait, or transform an item's trait, the desired trait must have been researched in the appropriate Crafting skill line.
  • Transmuting or Reconstructing an item requires Transmute Crystals, which can be acquired from a variety of activities, including Trials, Group Dungeons, Battlegrounds, Tales of Tribute, and participating in the Alliance War in Cyrodiil.
  • The cost of reconstructing a set item is based on the number of items of that set known. It is 25 crystals if all items in the set are known, 75 if only one item is known (unless it's a 1 item set), or 75 - 50 / (total items in the set - 1) x (items known - 1 ), rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  • Transmuted and reconstructed items are bound, and cannot be sold or traded to other players. They also cannot be used for research by other characters on your account.
  • Deconstructing a transmuted item has a chance of returning crafting ingredients to you, including trait stones (pulverized versions in the case of jewelry traits), just as if the item were originally created with that trait. This allows you to transmute common dropped and crafted gear to a rare trait such as Nirnhoned or Swift, and subsequently deconstruct them for a chance to obtain Nirncrux or pulverized Gilding Wax, making this an alternative (albeit expensive) method for collecting rare trait materials. However, deconstructing a reconstructed item only returns 25 Transmute Crystals and possibly improvement materials (e.g. Elegant Lining) if the item was created at Epic quality or greater, regardless of item trait or number of Crystals used to create it.