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This article is about collectibles. For the quest in Vlastarus, see Mementos (quest).

Mementos by Source
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Mementos allow your character to perform special actions. They are similar to emotes, but can only be performed if the corresponding item exists within the player's Collections. Mementos are available account-wide after being unlocked in the related quests, and are not limited use, so they can be used repeatedly without consuming the item. Mementos were originally items stored per-character in the inventory as a subset of Trophies. Any mementos that were deleted by the player were restored when they were transferred to the Collections interface.

Many of the mementos listed here are rewards given through certain quests, primarily those occurring in public dungeons, and usually represent an item crucial to the adventure.

Aldmeri Dominion QuestsEdit

Battered Bear TrapEdit

Battered Bear Trap

Obtained by exploring the Toothmaul Gully.

The trap goes snap.

Discourse AmaranthineEdit

Discourse Amaranthine

Obtained by exploring the Vile Manse.

A minor volume from Apocrypha.

Glanir's Smoke BombEdit

Glanir's Smoke Bomb

Obtained by exploring the Crimson Cove.


Nanwen's SwordEdit

Nanwen's Sword

Obtained by exploring Rulanyil's Fall.

A polished but cheap prop, property of the counterfeit Ayleid king.

Token of Root SunderEdit

Token of Root Sunder

Obtained by exploring Root Sunder.

A small seed given by Root Sunder.

Daggerfall Covenant QuestsEdit

Bonesnap Binding StoneEdit

Bonesnap Binding Stone

Obtained by exploring the Bonesnap Ruins.

A strange Ayleid stone from the Bonesnap Ruins.

Fetish of AngerEdit

Fetish of Anger

Obtained by exploring the Obsidian Scar.

A small, dark stone, hot to the touch.

Finvir's TrinketEdit

Finvir's Trinket

Obtained by exploring Bad Man's Hallows.

This bauble casts an otherworldly light upon its owner.

Yokudan TotemEdit

Yokudan Totem

Obtained by exploring the Lost City of the Na-Totambu.

A weathered sandstone sculpture.

Ebonheart Pact QuestsEdit

Almalexia's Enchanted LanternEdit

Almalexia's Enchanted Lantern

Obtained by assisting Almalexia.

A light dances within the glass of the lantern, waiting to be released.

Blackfeather Court WhistleEdit

Obtained by exploring the Crow's Wood.

Use near a corpse to call the Blackfeather Court to feast.

Justal's FalconEdit

Justal's Falcon

Obtained by exploring the Lion's Den.

A well-trained raptor.

Lena's Wand of FindingEdit

Obtained by exploring Shad Astula.

A gift from a fellow student of Shad Astula.
  • Lena's Wand of Finding
  • Zone: Deshaan
  • Area: Shad Astula
  • Quest: Vision Quest
  • Effect: Zaps chickens (and only chickens) with red lightning and makes them explode, sending them flying into the air. May not work unless "Prevent Attacking Innocents" is turned off.
  • Duration: 28 seconds

Lodorr's CrownEdit

Lodorr's Crown

Obtained by exploring the Hall of the Dead.

The metal is warm to the touch.

Questionable Meat SackEdit

Questionable Meat Sack

Obtained by exploring the Forgotten Crypts.

There's a lot of meat in here.

Sanguine's GobletEdit

Sanguine's Goblet - "Let me go. It was only a reconnaissance mission."

Obtained by exploring Sanguine's Demesne.

The goblet is never quite empty.
"Make it stop. Why are you doing this?"
"I'm telling you it's perfect. Once we're in, nobody will care that we're Altmer. We just might make it through this war alive."
"Auriel, give me strength. Auriel, give me strength. Auriel, give me strength. Auriel, give me strength."
"How did I get here? I think I was trying to get back to somewhere. Hmm? Oh yes, another drink, please."
"Don't worry. I'll be home soon. Be strong for Mommy."

Neutral Quests and AchievementsEdit


Mezha-dro's Sealing AmuletEdit

Mezha-dro's Sealing Amulet

Obtained by exploring the Village of the Lost.

A strange amulet used by Mezha-dro to seal tears in Oblivion.


Nirnroot WineEdit

Nirnroot Wine

Obtained by helping to make Nirnroot Wine in Cyrodiil.

A unique wine that is never tasted and never runs out but always gets you drunk.

Infinite ArchiveEdit

Butcher Haefal's Accursed KnifeEdit

Obtained by completing the achievement Leading the Charge in the Infinite Archive.

This knife is the greatest of all time! Sharp, well-balanced, keeps its edge, changes you into a goat. And around here, nobody notices extra goats.

Malkhest's Accursed MirrorEdit

Obtained by completing the achievement Attentive Eye in the Infinite Archive.

No amount of time spent in the Infinite Archive can prepare you for that moment when you pick up an everyday item and suddenly change into a murder-glass monstrosity!

Summoned BooknadoEdit

Obtained by completing the achievement Infinitely Versed in the Infinite Archive.

The pages of the Book of the Aggrieved resist being read—to the point where they often flutter into the air and threaten handlers with innumerable paper cuts as they swirl in a booknado!


Daily RewardsEdit

Dibella's Sweetroll StackEdit

Dibella's Sweetroll Stack

Available as an exclusive reward from the April 2024 Daily Rewards for those who logged in for 7 days.

Share a delightful stack of gooey-sweet baked goods with your best friends. Or taunt your worst enemies with them—you have sweetrolls and they have none!
  • Dibella's Sweetroll Stack
  • Effect: Causes a table with a platter full of sweetrolls to appear, which up to (?) players can interact with, making them eat one or admire the display.
  • Duration: 60 seconds


Pint of BelchingEdit

The Pint of Belching is a datamined memento.


Echonir is a datamined memento.

Riften LeafpileEdit

The Riften Leafpile memento is an upcoming collectible.

You haven't lived until you've thrown yourself into a Riften-style leafpile. Start by making the pile. Then throw yourself into it. Praise Kyne!