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Explorer's Pack contents

The Explorer's Pack was a bonus included with pre-ordering The Elder Scrolls Online or its Imperial Edition.[1] It unlocked the following digital content:

Those who received the Explorer's Pack by pre-ordering a copy of the game through the PC/Mac Store also received early access to the game five days before release, along with a surprise two-day grace period of additional free play; physical pre-ordered copies only received three days of early access. PS4, Xbox One and Japanese pre-orders did not include early access, but still received the Explorer's Pack. The Explorer's Pack was temporarily made available again during the Japanese free trial campaign, almost two months after launch in Japan.

The Explorer's Pack may no longer be redeemed, as any codes that were left unused have since expired. The bonus treasure maps and the ability to play as any race are available as part of the Adventurer Pack in the Crown Store, with the Pet Scuttler being replaced with a Bantam Guar pet. Of the items, only the Pet Scuttler is unobtainable for those who do not own the Explorer's Pack.