Online:Justice Achievements

Elder Scrolls Online: Achievements

These achievements are earned by engaging in various illegal activities.

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Five-Clawed Cat Burglar.png Legerdemain Skill Master 50 Reach the max level of the Legerdemain Skill Line. Title: Locksmith
ON-icon-achievement-Ill-Gotten Gains.png Ill-Gotten Gains 5 Earn 1,000 gold by selling stolen goods to a Fence.
ON-icon-achievement-Ill-Gotten Gains.png Illicit Entrepreneur 15 Earn 100,000 gold by selling stolen goods to a Fence.
ON-icon-achievement-Black Market Mogul.png Black Market Mogul 50 Earn 1,000,000 gold by selling stolen goods to a Fence. Contraband VioletContraband Violet
Mountain of Loot (image) (0001000010,000 Gold),
Faded Fence Banner (image) (0001000010,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Safebox Cracker.png Safebox Pilferer 5 Break into and loot the contents of a safebox.
ON-icon-achievement-Safebox Cracker.png Safebox Looter 10 Break into and loot the contents of ten safeboxes.
ON-icon-achievement-Safebox Cracker.png Safebox Cracker 15 Break into and loot the contents of one hundred safeboxes. Decorative Safebox (image) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Murderer.png Murderer 5 Kill a citizen of Tamriel.
ON-icon-achievement-Serial Killer.png Serial Killer 5 Kill fifty citizens of Tamriel. Death Marker (image) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Mass Murderer.png Mass Murderer 5 Kill one hundred citizens of Tamriel. Mass Tombstone (image) (0001000010,000 Gold)
ON-icon-stolen-Box.png Discerning Pilferer 5 Steal an item of Fine quality.
ON-icon-trait material-Sapphire.png Discriminating Plunderer 10 Steal an item of Superior quality.
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Grand Larcenist 15 Steal an item of Epic quality.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Burglar.png Home Trespasser 5 Successfully pick the lock on a locked door.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Burglar.png Sneaky Housebreaker 10 Successfully pick the lock on fifty locked doors.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Burglar.png Master Burglar 15 Successfully pick the lock on one hundred locked doors. Replica Key Blank (image) (000010001,000 Gold)
Livestock Slaughter
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Butcher 5 Kill a total of ten livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Slaughterer 5 Kill a total of one hundred livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Livestock Mass Murderer 5 Kill a total of five hundred livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Ground Beef.png Ground Beef 5 Kill a livestock cow, bull, or ox.
ON-icon-achievement-Guar Slayer.png Guar Slayer 5 Kill a livestock guar.
ON-icon-food-Sausage.png Hog Killer 5 Kill a livestock pig.
ON-icon-achievement-Poultry Assassin.png Poultry Assassin 5 Kill a livestock chicken or bantam guar.
ON-icon-achievement-Wicked Shepherd.png Wicked Shepherd 5 Kill a livestock goat or sheep.
Resisting Arrest
ON-icon-achievement-Cut and Run.png Cut and Run 5 Successfully escape a guard after choosing the "Flee" option in the Accost Dialogue Window.
ON-icon-achievement-Escape Artist.png Escape Artist 15 Successfully escape the guards a total of one hundred times after choosing the "Flee" option in the Accost Dialogue Window.
ON-icon-achievement-Ill-Gotten Gains.png Felonious Recompense 15 Pay a total of 100,000 gold to the Fence OR to the Tamriel Guards to clear your criminal record. Shadowfoot GrayShadowfoot Gray
Pile of Coins (image) (000025002,500 Gold),
Scales of Felonious Recompense (image) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Making Amends.png Make Amends 15 Make a one time transaction of 1,000 gold or greater for crimes committed against the citizens of Tamriel.
ON-icon-achievement-Loot Cleaner.png Loot Cleaner 5 Spend 100 gold to launder stolen items through a Fence.
ON-icon-achievement-Loot Sanitizer.png Loot Sanitizer 10 Spend 1,000 gold to launder stolen items through a Fence.
ON-icon-achievement-Illustrious Launderer.png Illustrious Launderer 15 Spend 10,000 gold to launder stolen items through a Fence.
ON-icon-achievement-Pocket Pilferer.png Pocket Pilferer 5 Successfully pickpocket any citizen of Tamriel.
ON-icon-achievement-Purse Snatcher.png Purse Snatcher 10 Successfully pickpocket one hundred citizens of Tamriel. Pocket Change (image) (00000500500 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Sneak Thief Extraordinaire.png Sneak Thief Extraordinaire 15 Successfully pickpocket one thousand citizens of Tamriel. Forest Footpad GreenForest Footpad Green
Noble Pocket Lint (image) (000010001,000 Gold)
Public Indecency
ON-icon-stolen-Vest.png Disrobed Discipline 5 Have an article of stolen clothing that you are wearing repossessed by a guard.
ON-icon-stolen-Clothing.png Indecent Exposure 10 Have stolen clothing from all your armor slots repossessed at the same time by a guard.