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There are trickster spirits in many of Tamriel's cultures. The Khajiit and Wood Elves have raised one to the level of a major Divine. To them, Baan Dar represents genius, sly innovation, and agile wits. He is the nimble escape when trapped in a tight spot.
The Five Finger Dance
Aldmeri Dominion
Visited Baan Dar's Bash
Aniel, Ahainaz-daro, Himalirr-dar, Manarni-la, Salita-ko, Vabin-ja
Baan Dar's Bards, Baan Dar's Chargers, Baan Dar's Dancers, Baan Dar's Menders, Baan Dar's Pyromancers, Baan Dar's Rogues, Five Finger Chickens
Quest Chain
Reaper's March
The Five Finger Dance

The Five Finger Dance is the realm of Baan Dar, who hosts an eternal party for bandits, pranksters, and merrymakers. It is accessed by a portal from Thormar opened during Baan Dar's Boast, which leads to the Khajiiti manor on the south side of the realm. The realm is centered around a shallow lake, with many docks, palm trees, and tents surrounding it. A stage for bards and dancers is found northeast of the lake, and a bar for food and drinks is found in the southeast.

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A map of the Five Finger Dance
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