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Oblivion:Leveled Item Quests

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There are various quests which are rewarded with Leveled Items, it is worth avoiding these until at a higher level, so for quick reference these quests (along with their rewards) are listed below.

Quest Reward(s) Strongest at Quest Giver Quest Line Received from
Accidents Happen Sufferthorn 30+ Vicente Valtieri Dark Brotherhood Vicente Valtieri
Arcane University Access Robe of the Apprentice 10+ Adrienne Berene, Carahil, Dagail,
Falcar, Jeanne Frasoric,
Kud-Ei or Teekeeus
Mages Guild Raminus Polus
The Assassinated Man Cruelty's Heart 30+ Vicente Valtieri Dark Brotherhood Vicente Valtieri
Bad Medicine The Deceiver's Finery 30+ Ocheeva Dark Brotherhood Ocheeva
The Battle for Castle Kvatch Kvatch Cuirass 25+ Savlian Matius Main Quest Savlian Matius
Blood of the Divines Amulet of the Ansei
Mishaxhi's Cleaver
Valdemar's Shield
15-19 ††
Brother Martin Main Quest Undead Blade Rielus
Undead Blade Casnar
Undead Blade Alain
Undead Blade Valdemar
The Bloodworm Helm Bloodworm Helm 25+ Hannibal Traven Mages Guild Corpse of Irlav Jarol
A Brotherhood Betrayed Phylactery of Litheness 25+ Carius Runellius None Erline Lirrian
A Brush with Death Apron of Adroitness 25+ Tivela Lythandas None Rythe Lythandas
The Ghost Ship of Anvil Redwave 01+ ± Varulae None Varulae
Honor Thy Mother Blade of Woe 30+ Finishing Following a Lead Dark Brotherhood The Night Mother
Information Gathering Amulet of Interrogation 05-09 †† Modryn Oreyn Fighters Guild Modryn Oreyn
The Killing Field Chillrend 25+ Valus Odiil None Valus Odiil
Lifting the Vale Ring of the Vipereye 25+ Countess Narina Carvain None Countess Narina Carvain
The Lonely Wanderer Shadowhunt 30+ Ocheeva Dark Brotherhood Ocheeva
The Necromancer's Amulet Necromancer's Amulet 01+ ± Hannibal Traven Mages Guild Caranya
Mystery at Harlun's Watch Mind and Body Ring 10-19 †† Burz gro-Khash Fighters Guild Drarana Thelis
Order of the Virtuous Blood Ring of Sunfire 25+ Ralsa Norvalo None Roland Jenseric
Paradise Mankar Camoran's Robe
Mankar Camoran's Staff
18+ Brother Martin Main Quest Mankar Camoran
The Renegade Shadowscale Boots of Bloody Bounding 30+ Teinaava Dark Brotherhood Teinaava
Secrets of the Ayleids Ayleid Crown of Lindai
Ayleid Crown of Nenalata
Staff of Nenalata
25+ Umbacano The Collector Lindai
Sins of the Father Escutcheon of Chorrol 25+ Fathis Ules Separated at Birth Laythe Wavrick
The Siren's Deception Witsplinter 25+ Gogan or Maelona None Faustina Cartia
Ulterior Motives Spelldrinker Amulet 30+ Raminus Polus Mages Guild Raminus Polus
A Mage's Staff Mage's Staff 15+ Raminus Polus Mages Guild Raminus Polus
An Unexpected Voyage Blackwater Blade 25+ Sleeping in The Bloated Float Inn None Selene
Unfriendly Competition Debaser
Weatherward Circlet
25+ Jensine None Agarmir
Vahtacen's Secret Robe of the Conjurer 25+ Raminus Polus Mages Guild Raminus Polus
A Watery Grave Black Band 30+ Vicente Valtieri Dark Brotherhood Vicente Valtieri
The Wayward Knight Knights of the Thorn Medallion
Staff of Indarys
25+ Cheydinhal City Guard Main Quest Farwil Indarys
Count Andel Indarys
Count Andel Indarys
When the Vow Breaks Rockshatter 25+ Maeva the Buxom None Bjalfi the Contemptible
Whom Gods Annoy Ring of Eidolon's Edge 25+ Rosentia Gallenus None Rosentia Gallenus