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Oblivion:Ayleid Crown of Lindai

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Ayleid Crown of Lindai
Leveled Artifact: Ayleid Crown of Lindai (000BE5D4)
(All statistics are for level 25+ version)
Type Light Helmet
Editor ID MS27LindaiAyleidCrown25
Armor Rating Rating 0
Armor Rating Rating 0 Health Health 400
Weight Weight 1 Value Value 8350
Fortify Alteration 15 pts
Fortify Illusion 15 pts
Resist Magic 35%
The Ayleid Crown of Lindai

The Ayleid Crown of Lindai is a unique light helmet found in the ruins of Lindai during the Secrets of the Ayleids quest.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The enchanted version of the helmet is the one that you originally collect from Lindai. If you wish to keep the enchanted helmet, you should not give it to Umbacano (i.e., give him the Ayleid Crown of Nenalata instead).
  • The helmet can be received early using a high Fortify Acrobatics to jump up to the walkway with the skeleton archer near the entrance of Lindai.
  • At the completion of the quest, the crown is turned into a non-quest object.
  • If you give Umbacano this helmet, at the end of the quest it is replaced with a ruined helmet, with no health, no value, and no enchantment.
    • Although the "ruined" helmet has no apparent value, it is still worth retrieving it from Umbacano's corpse.
      • If you are Expert in the Armorer skill, the ruined helmet can be used to increase your skill until you reach Master level (limited only by the number of repair hammers you have available). The helmet has zero health and is permanently treated as having 100% health. Therefore, for expert armorers (skill 75 or higher) it always remains in the list of repairable items. It never reaches 125% health, but you still advance in your skill when you repeatedly attempt the repairs, eventually reaching Master level.
      • The "ruined" helmet can be re-enchanted at an Altar of Enchantment to give it custom powers and a new name. It retains its "broken" icon, and presumably its permanent 100% health, but whatever new powers it is given work just fine. It can still be endlessly repaired to progress in your Armorer skill.
    • If you are an expert Armorer and repair the helmet to 125% before you give it to Umbacano, it will cause a bug and you won't be able to repair it any further when you get it back.
  • The Ayleid Cask containing the crown respawns so multiple copies of this supposedly unique item can be obtained. This bug can be used to obtain the highest version of the Crown if you picked it up at a low level.

Leveled StatisticsEdit

Level         Effects
1 400 2600 0 Fortify Alteration 5 pts
Fortify Illusion 5 pts
Resist Magic 10%
1 400 3750 0 Fortify Alteration 7 pts
Fortify Illusion 7 pts
Resist Magic 15%
1 400 4900 0 Fortify Alteration 9 pts
Fortify Illusion 9 pts
Resist Magic 20%
1 400 6050 0 Fortify Alteration 11 pts
Fortify Illusion 11 pts
Resist Magic 25%
1 400 7200 0 Fortify Alteration 13 pts
Fortify Illusion 13 pts
Resist Magic 30%
1 400 8350 0 Fortify Alteration 15 pts
Fortify Illusion 15 pts
Resist Magic 35%
1 0 0 0 None (see notes)