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Oblivion:Knights of the Thorn Medallion

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Knights of the Thorn Medallion
Leveled Item: Knights of the Thorn Medallion (0006B677)
(All statistics are for level 20+ version)
Type Amulet
Editor ID MS13KnightsThornMed20
Weight Weight 0.2 Value Value 1725
Fortify Speechcraft 15 pts
Knights of the Thorn Medallion

The Knights of the Thorn Medallion is an enchanted item worn by members of the Knights of the Thorn. You receive one as a reward for completing The Wayward Knight quest in Cheydinhal. In addition, all living members of the faction have a medallion (specifically, Jhared Strongblade, Bremman Senyan, and Farwil Indarys). Pyke in the Shivering Isles also had a medallion, but he has lost it and asks that you retrieve it for him. Oddly enough, none of the dead members have the medallion.

Leveled StatisticsEdit

Level     Effects
0.2 575 Fortify Speechcraft 5 pts
0.2 1150 Fortify Speechcraft 10 pts
0.2 1725 Fortify Speechcraft 15 pts