Oblivion:Ring of the Vipereye

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Leveled Item: Ring of the Vipereye (0006B658)
(All statistics are for level 25+ version)
Type Ring
Editor ID MS12RingVipereye25
Weight Weight 0.3 Value Value 3600
Fortify Agility 10 pts
Resist Magic 15%
The Ring of the Vipereye

This Ring of the Vipereye is an Akaviri artifact given as a reward for completing the Bruma quest Lifting the Vale. It was originally found with the diary of an Akaviri messenger sent to Pale Pass. In appearance, it is identical to a silver emerald ring.

Leveled StatisticsEdit

FormID / MagicID
Weight Value Effects
0001C4DA / 0006B64E
0.3 1700 Fortify Agility 5 pts
Resist Magic 7%
0006B654 / 0006B64F
0.3 2000 Fortify Agility 6 pts
Resist Magic 8%
0006B655 / 0006B650
0.3 2300 Fortify Agility 7 pts
Resist Magic 9%
0006B656 / 0006B651
0.3 2550 Fortify Agility 8 pts
Resist Magic 10%
0006B657 / 0006B652
0.3 3150 Fortify Agility 9 pts
Resist Magic 13%
0006B658 / 0006B653
0.3 3600 Fortify Agility 10 pts
Resist Magic 15%


  • Even when the quest is completed, the item remains tagged as "quest essential" and thus cannot be dropped.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • PC It is possible to use the Console to fix the problem. To make the ring no longer quest essential and allow you to drop it, type SetQuestObject FormID 000xxxxx 1/0 (choose the correct FormID from the table).
  • As a quest item, it is subject to the permanent items removal glitch.
    • To remove the permanent bonus left after the ring is gone type player.Dispel 000xxxxx (choose the correct MagicID from the table).