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Morrowind:Saprius Entius (quest)

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Find and protect this Legion Knight accused of murder.
Quest Giver: Frald the White in Ebonheart
Location(s): Ebonheart, Arena, Storage area
Prerequisite Quest: Suryn Athones' Slanders
Reward: Helm of Graff the White
Disposition: +10 (Frald the White)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Imperial Legion)
ID: IL_ProtectEntius
The Ordinators discover Saprius Entius

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Frald the White at Hawkmoth Legion Garrison in Ebonheart about Orders.
  2. Travel to Arena, Storage area.
  3. Rescue Saprius Entius from Ordinators.
  4. Escort Entius back to Frald and report your success to receive Helm of Graff the White.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Frald the White at Hawkmoth Legion Garrison in Ebonheart tells you that the Imperial Knight Saprius Entius has been accused of murder. Frald doubts that Entius can get a fair trial in Vvardenfell as he believes the Ordinators are too prejudiced. He wants you to help escort Entius to the mainland where he can be tried by an Imperial justice instead. Unfortunately, the knight has gone into hiding and Frald has no idea where except that he is somewhere in Vivec. You cannot have a bounty on your head when you do this quest, so be sure to deal with any legal troubles before you begin.

Saprius EntiusEdit

Start searching for Entius by asking Vivec's Ordinator guards about him. Eventually, you'll hear that an Imperial Knight has been seen in the Arena Canton. Look in the Arena storage area off the Canalworks level and you should find Entius hiding behind the northwestern door in the main room. Unfortunately, as soon as you find Entius, two Ordinator guards arrive and you'll have to kill them with Entius' help.

Once the guards are dead, talk to Entius again and have him follow you (assuming you have an escape route planned) and escort him back to the Hawkmoth Fort. One easy way to avoid more Ordinators is to take the trap door to the Arena Underworks and then exit via the underwater gate in the northwest corner of the underworks. This will put you in the river outside the Arena Canton; it's a short swim to the Vivec dock where you can catch a boat to Ebonheart. Report back to Frald with Entius to finish the quest and receive the Helm of Graff the White as a reward.


  • Be extra careful during the escort; do not under any circumstances talk to an Ordinator until you have safely brought Entius to Frald the White. If you insist on talking to an Ordinator while Saprius Entius is following, they will automatically attack you. But that's not all; from now on, any Ordinator in Vivec will automatically attack you on sight!
    • You can reverse the hostility of the Ordinators on PC by first finding a wandering Ordinator. Before you're noticed by that Ordinator, bring up the console, click the Ordinator, and type setfight 10. Now this particular Ordinator should not attack you (others still will, however). Then, proceed to commit a crime in front of this same Ordinator, and pay it off or go to jail. After you have paid the fine or served your time, the Ordinators should not attack you anymore.
  • If you ask anybody in the Guard class about him while the quest is active, that guard's disposition towards you will drop by five.
  • If you kill Entius yourself, Frald the White will be furious and expel you from the Legion for taking justice into your own hands, or if you have already become Knight of the Imperial Dragon he will tell you that you've failed him, although there will be no disposition loss, nor can you be expelled from the Legion due to your status. However, killing Saprius yourself will not complete the quest in your journal either.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Saprius Entius (IL_ProtectEntius)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Frald the White told me that a fellow knight, Saprius Entius committed murder. He is hiding somewhere in Vivec City. I must find Saprius Entius and protect him from the authorities. Frald the White will find a way to secret him away where he will stand trial with Imperial justice.
40 I found Saprius Entius.
50 Saprius Entius agreed to follow me back to Frald the White in Ebonheart.
70 Saprius Entius arrived safely in Ebonheart.
100 Finishes quest  Frald the White thanked me for finding Saprius Entius. He will be brought to justice in the Empire.
110 Finishes quest  Frald the White accused me of killing Saprius Entius and expelled me from the Legions.

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