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Divayth Fyr
ON-npc-Divayth Fyr 02.jpg
Divayth Fyr circa 2E 582
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Tel Aruhn
Resided in Vvardenfell
Appears in Morrowind, ESO, Legends

Divayth Fyr is a 4,000-year-old Dunmer sorcerer of immense power.[1][2] He is a member of Great House Telvanni, though he generally stays out of House politics.[3] He was also once a member of the Psijic Order.[4]

In the Second Era he was at least sometimes present at and around the Arcane University in the Imperial City, where he associated with Professor Morian Zenas and Doctor Alfidia Lupus and may have intended and arranged the demise of both. In the Third Era, Fyr lived in his tower of Tel Fyr in the Azura's Coast region of Vvardenfell along with his four "daughters" (female clones of himself), Alfe, Beyte, Delte and Uupse Fyr.[1][5]


First EraEdit

Divayth Fyr was a Dunmer sorcerer born as a Chimer in Tel Aruhn[6] in the early First Era who lived until at least the end of the Third Era, at the age of 4000, and who may still be alive today.[1] Divayth Fyr once studied on the isle of Artaeum, but is said to have left as a "sharp-elbowed upstart".[4]

In his youth, he dabbled in the forbidden art of necromancy, but he would eventually turn away from it to focus on other subsections of conjuration. He is mentioned in the book The Doors of Oblivion, as well as Varieties of Daedra (written by a former apprentice), which assert that, before his interest in Corprus, Fyr traveled to the Daedric planes of Oblivion. He is also the author of at least two books. One of them he wrote because he would grow tired of conjurers being generalized as necromancers and would write a book to educate the uninformed.[6] Although he once displayed great skill with necromancy, he did not wish to utilize it to attain immortality.[7]

Divayth Fyr was a friend of Sotha Sil and enjoyed contemplating his riddles, as well as the contemplation of pain.(?) After the Battle of Red Mountain, the Daedric Prince Azura cursed the Chimer, turning them all into the Dunmer (Fyr included). Sotha Sil was one of the few who can resist Azura's curse, but chose to remain with his Dunmeri appearance,[8] seemingly to aid in the transition of his people into the Dunmer, and getting them to accept that it was not a curse but a blessing.[9] Divayth Fyr criticized him for this, as he was one of the few who could resist Azura's curse, yet chose to remain as a Dunmer.[8] Sotha Sil would later take his place among to mortal gods known as the Tribunal,[9] yet Fyr let his friend know that he would refrain from worshipping him as such.[8]

Second EraEdit

Sometime during the reign of Potentate Savirien-Chorak, Fyr attempted to win the heart of Doctor Alfidia Lupus, who was the Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak from 2E 418 to 2E 431[10], but the enigmatic Morian Zenas, Professor of Transliminal Arts at the Arcane University, was also flirting with her at the same time. Although Fyr was reputed to be popular among some women and had been called a philanderer,[11] Dr. Lupus ultimately chose Zenas over Fyr.

Later, Fyr helped Zenas enter Moonshadow, from which the human wizard journeyed to various other planes of Oblivion until he became lost in Apocrypha. Dr. Lupus came to believe that Fyr was responsible for Zenas's fate when she discovered that Fyr had summoned Hermaeus Mora from a ritual contained in the Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus. Doctor Lupus went missing shortly afterwards. [12]

During this time, Fyr was reportedly derisive toward Argonians, or, at least one Argonian in particular - Seif-ij Hidja, Professor Zenas's pupil and assistant. In "Crafting Motif 11: Ancient Elf Style", Hidja describes nasty incidents where Fyr would refer to him as, "the scaleskin help" when Professor Morian wasn't around. Seif-ij Hidja's account further implies Fyr left sometime around the disappearance of Dr. Alfidia Lupus, and that Seif-ij Hidja will not miss him. [12]

Circa 2E 582, Divayth Fyr planned to extend his tower of Tel Fyr into Abanabi Cave until a portal to his friend's Clockwork City's inexplicably opened up inside, spilling out Refabricants and Fabricants from the Halls of Fabrication. The Fabricant threat was neutralized when a large group of Undaunted accompanied him into the cave and then entered the Clockwork City portal, defeated the Assembly General, and disabled their production. Divayth then studied the portal.[13]

Fyr's interest was kindled into investigating the status of Sotha Sil and would make preparations to re-enter the City. He enlisted the aid of the Vestige to journey there, where they would become involved in a plot with the Daedric Triad. Nocturnal, one of the princes of the triad, tried to take control of the Clockwork City. She summoned Sotha Sil's Shadow, who replaced him as ruler of the Clockwork City. Using the Skeleton Key, they attempted to unseat the real Sotha Sil from his Throne Aligned, and have the shadow take control of the Throne. The Vestige and the Clockwork Apostle Luciana Pullo intervened and defeated the shadow in combat, but Nocturnal had her shadows envelop the area as a countermeasure, in an attempt to consume the heroes. Luciana used her shadow-banishing light to keep Nocturnal's shadows at bay, and Divayth Fyr arrived during the battle and kept Sotha Sil alive and constrained the shadow. They bought the Vestige enough time to be able remove the Skeleton Key from the Throne Aligned and awaken Sotha Sil. Sotha Sil would then reunite with his shadow and banish Nocturnal from his realm. Sotha Sil gave the Skeleton Key to Divayth Fyr for safekeeping and returned to the Cognitum Centralis to make preparations for the Daedric Triad. [14]

Third EraEdit

Divayth Fyr had maintained a tenuous contact with the Council House of Sadrith Mora in the Second Era, albeit through a proxy - he did not send a personal Mouth to the Council, but shared the services of Master Firuth's Mouth, Vaelin Oren, at least for such mundane affairs as the delivery of alchemical supplies: however, by the end of the Third Era he had completely withdrawn from Council affairs, despite the fact that his age and power would have made a place on the Council his for the asking. His one-time protege, Aryon of Tel Vos, tried to persuade him to return,[15] but was met with a polite refusal by the reclusive Fyr.[3] Among other things, Divayth Fyr spent his time researching the Divine Disease, Corprus, and his Corprusarium was a refuge for anyone infected, including his oldest friend, Yagrum Bagarn, the last living Dwemer.[1][5] He took a deep interest in Dwemer history and collected many Dwemer artifacts.[1] By the Third Era, Divayth Fyr has also been in possession of several Daedric artifacts, among them were Scourge, Savior's Hide, and Volendrung.[1] He was willing to employ ruthless tactics, such as kidnapping, to achieve his ends, but did not seem to mind adventurers looting his dungeons as long as they did not harm the corprus victims under his care.[1]

Prior to the ascent of the Nerevarine in 3E 427, Fyr believed that the Nerevarine Prophecy was impossible to fulfill, but the Nerevarine contacted Corprus from an agent of the Sixth House and sought out Fyr for the cure. The "cure" did not actually cure the disease but rather removed the negative effects, such as crippling physical deformities and insanity, while retaining the positive effects, including immunity to all diseases, increased strength and endurance, and possibly also immortality.[1]

Fourth EraEdit

Some sources were uncertain if the old wizard survived the cataclysms of the Red Year[16], however some sources imperatively claim Divayth Fyr did in fact live on.[UOL 1] In addition, Kellen claimed that Divayth's daughter Alfe Fyr had survived and moved to Skyrim, where the Forgotten Hero met her to negotiate for passage into the Clockwork City.[17]



  • Before his total seclusion, it is believed that Sotha Sil had one of his final conversations with his peer Divayth Fyr, during which they discussed the disappearance of the Dwemer, his divine nature, and the location of his city among other things.[UOL 2] However, this contradicts Sil's prediction that they would not meet again following Fyr's departure from his realm circa 2E 582.[18]

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