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Lore:Tel Aruhn

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Tel Aruhn
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
(Azura's Coast)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Tel Aruhn ca. 3E 427
Banner of Tel Aruhn

Tel Aruhn was an island-town found on the District of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. It was northwest of Sadrith Mora, amidst the rocky islands on Azura's Coast, specifically in Zafirbel Bay. For the longest time, it was the home of the Archmagister of House Telvanni on Vvardenfell, High Lord Magus Gothren.[1] But it was widely-known for the Festival Slave Market, the largest slave market on the island-district.[2] The island of Vounoura is roughly less than a month away from Tel Aruhn.[3]


Tel Aruhn's founding dates back to the mid-Merethic Era, as one of the many wizard towers built by Aldmeri explorers that charted the island's coast, but by the late-Merethic Era, these towers were abandoned, alongside the dissolution of the High Velothi culture that later became tribes, early predecessors of the modern-day Great Houses.[4]

Sometime by the early-First Era, the town of Tel Aruhn was founded, populated by the Chimer. The Great-Mage, Divayth Fyr was born and raised in Tel Aruhn at the time.[5] Following the Second Empire's victory in the battle of Ald Marak during the Four-Score War in 1E 2920, many strategic castles across Morrowind's coastline, including Tel Aruhn were to be leased to the Imperial Legion in a truce presented to Vivec by Prince Juilek Cyrodiil.[6] However, with the Prince's death later that year, and the renewed aggression following the sacking of Black Gate, the original treaty was broken.[7] It is unknown if the terms of the original truce were upheld in the later Cervant Truce that officially ended the war, and thus if Tel Aruhn ever passed into Imperial hands prior to the Third Era.[8]

As early as 2E 582, Tel Aruhn had been administered by Archmagister Gothren of House Telvanni,[9] and from his tower, he governed the eastern Molag Amur region.[1] That was until in 3E 427, when the Nerevarine surfaced on Vvardenfell and sought the blessings of the Telvanni lords to be named Hortator. However, Gothren's unwillingness to accept the warrior as the house's hortator led to his death.[10]

At roughly the same time, the Nerevarine traveled to Tel Aruhn's Slave Market, as part of their plan to convince the Zainab Ashkhan that they were the hero of prophecy. The slavemistress, Savile Imayn played along with their plan; while the Nerevarine looked for exquisite clothing and Telvanni Bug Musk, Imayn coached the slave, Falura Llervu, to perform her role as a high-born Telvanni lady from Velothis Haven. Their plan managed to work and convinced Ashkhan Kaushad that the warrior was the Nerevarine.[11]



  • The book Three Thieves takes place mostly in Tel Aruhn. It mentions that the town has several places such as a canton, a sewer system, parkland and a local Cobblers Guildhouse on the east end of town.[12]

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