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Race Altmer Gender Female
Born 1st Era
Resided in Artaeum
Dranil Kir
Appears in ESO

Lilatha was a Psijic monk and a former student of Sotha Sil. She held the position of Psijic Master of the Gazing Glass and served as Ritemaster's canvaroth, a scout in the service of the Order.[1]


Sotha Sil, Lilatha's mentor
Lilatha and the Obscuros

1st EraEdit

Lilatha was born at some point in the late 1st Era. She was admitted to the Psijic Order and studied on the Isle of Artaeum. During the final days of the 1st Era, she was briefly a pupil of Sotha Sil.[1][2]

2nd EraEdit

During the Interregnum in 2E 582 she was tasked by the Psijic Order to supervise the Obscuros, a scrying device that projects a mage's perception to everyone in range. She also guarded the island of Dranil Kir which was historically used by the Psijic Order of Artaeum to contain this dangerous artifact. At that time, the Obscuros was scattered centuries prior, in the hopes that a malevolent force would not use it for their own purposes. Ever since then, the island has been surrounded by harsh sea storms, a side-effect of its destruction.[1]

At some point in the Second Era, Lilatha devised a self-steering boat that could autonomously travel to the desired location. The boat was used to travel to Dranil Kir.[1]

Lilatha traveled to the island to investigate the ancient Psijic scrying device and found out that the ruined complex on the Dranil Kir where the tool was kept was intruded by Telvanni Wizard Divayth Fyr. He was performing a Daedric ritual but was interrupted by the Psijic monk. He intended to open a rift to a pocket dimension using a Dwarven device. Divayth was trying to locate certain Daedric artifact and was interested in cooperation with the Psijic monk but Lilatha declined to provide any information and urged him to conduct Daedric experiments elsewhere. Later, this incident was reported to the Ritemaster Iachesis.[3]

Lilatha and her self-steering boat
Lilatha's projection in the Clockwork City

Sometime around the Planemeld, people's shadows were coming to life and killing their source. Lilatha of the Psijic Order decided to investigate and acquire the help of the Vestige, to rebuild the Obscuros, with the Liminal Lens and the Anuic Lantern. With the needed materials, the two traveled to Dranil Kir but were ambushed by Bonafryd, an agent of the Court of Bedlam. During the combat, the shadow of Lilatha was conjured by the agent of the Court and commanded to attack Lilatha and the Vestige. Both the shadow and the agent were ultimately defeated and Lilatha commenced with the Obscuros ritual.[4][5] In her visions, she saw the Clockwork City. The Psijic Master left Dranil Kir to report to the order on Artaeum.[6]

After the clash on Dranil Kir she requested Vestige to contact Divayth Fyr in order to join forces against Court of Bedlam and uncover the mystery related to the Daedric Triad.[7] According to the High Magistrate Rinwaray of the Divine Prosecution Lilatha has made an effort to contact champions with a warning concerning the return of the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil.[8]

As a result of the destruction of Lilatha's shadow, her magical power waned significantly and permanently. The severely weakened monk continued her service to the Psijic Order as a teacher and researcher.[1]


Lilatha was a minor character in the historical fiction novel 2920, The Last Year of the First Era. She appears in Book Two: Sun's Dawn and Book Four: Rain's Hand. According to this account, young Lilatha participated in classes together with her fellow initiates under Sotha Sil. In 3rd of Sun's Dawn, 1E 2920 she attended classes dedicated to the topic of dreugh. Later this year, she assisted Sotha Sil soon after he enforced Coldharbour Compact in 5th of the Rain's Hand, 1E 2920.[2]

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