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There is many kinds of Daedric equipment used by the forces of Oblivion. Among the most notable is simply dubbed Daedric, which is one of the strongest and rarest types known to Nirn. Various accounts exist on how to craft Daedric, but most agree that it is the result of binding of Ebony with Daedric essence[1] through a Daedra heart. Some also say that it should always be worked on at night, ideally under a new or full moon, but never during an eclipse. A red harvest moon is best. This however is likely a myth, as the sinister items have been successfully crafted without those conditions being met.[2][3] In truth, their creation simply calls for the talents of a master blacksmith and enchanter.[3][1] Mortal eyes usually perceive Daedric equipment as black, with red inlays that glow, a characteristic attributed to the Daedra Heart used to create it.[4]

Daedric armaments are describable as outlandish or even corrupted. The appearance is said to be because Daedra are only being able to imitate and are unable to create anything new and as a result we see Daedric come in familiar Tamrielic shapes for their armor and weapons that have been exaggerated. [5] Another belief is that the appearance is reflective of the Daedra's "echoes of preternaturally prolonged suffering endured during manufactur[ing]"[6]

What determines the aesthetics of Daedric armaments is unknown, though the appearance of the Ebony used in the creation will be perverted to an otherworldly shape. For example, rings of Ebony metal will take the form of Daedric Mail armor when it interacts with a daedric essence.[7] It is also unknown if any external forces can have any influence on Daedric equipment.

The Dunmer have Daedric masks styled in tribute to various revered figures, such as the Daedric Faces of Inspiration (Boethiah), Terror (Nerevar), and God (Vivec).[UOL 1] Due to their rarity, Daedric equipment is typically only seen in the hands of the upper class, where they are passed on through generations of kin. Their price tag makes them a considerable portion of a Great House noble's personal wealth.[6] Advanced enchanters typically reserve the greatest of enchantments for equipment of the highest tier, such as Daedric.[8] The Tribunal goddess Almalexia's War Mask is Daedric.[9]:322

The well-researched historical fiction 2920, The Last Year of the First Era claims that during the war between Morrowind and the Empire, the Imperial Legion used Daedric armor along with other high quality equipment.[10]

Other Types of Daedric EquipmentEdit

The titular Daedric is typically seen used by Dremora, though not every Kyn can afford to wear Daedric equipment of the variety created by the combination of Ebony and Daedric essence. They may instead opt for armor and weapons created from Chaotic Creatia and the skin of mortals.[11]

Crafting the avian-themed arms and armaments of the Aureal is a dangerous endeavor, as one can lose their mind making it. They are also an expensive craft, as they use gold metal as a base. As gold is far too soft on its own, multiple steps are required to strengthen them to be more nimble and harder than steel. The structure of the equipment is reinforced with refined moonstone, and then the gold is hammered into place while the gold is heated just below its melting point. Finally, a Daedra's Heart is placed in the forge when the equipment is being heated, allowing them to be hammered into shape, and transforming the attributes of the metal, giving it an uncanny hardness.[12][13]

In combat, the Mazken wear strong but extremely revealing armor that exposes most of their skin to the elements, although this is compensated by their fast running speed and strong resistance to magical attacks. Like the equipment of the Golden Saints, crafting the Mazken's serpentine armaments can make one mad. The process requires finesse as one must balance shaping ebony with malleable quicksilver. Heat must be applied precisely, or the shape and integrity of the equipment will be ruined. Lastly, a Daedra's Heart is put into the forge during the equipment's heating, adding to its hardness.[13]




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