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Scourge (also known as Mackkan's Hammer, Bane of Daedra,[1] the Daedric Scourge,[2] or Scourge, Blessed of Malacath)[3] is a legendary Daedric artifact. It was forged from sacred ebony in the Fires (or Fountains[3]) of Fickledire,[2] and is associated with Malacath.[3] It is a fierce weapon, and takes the form of a steel or ebony mace. Malacath dedicated it to mortals, and any Daedra who attempts to invoke its power will be banished to the Void.[1] It also has the ability to banish them to the Void with a single blow,[3] and can conjure Daedra such as Dremora and Scamps from Oblivion to do the wielder's bidding.[4] It has been described as a "bold defender of the friendless",[3] which could be related to Malacath's role as the Daedric Prince of outcasts.[1]

Scourge was once used by Mackkan, who banished many of Mehrunes Dagon's minions with it. The mace eventually came into the possession of the Third Empire and was hung in the armory of the Battlespire. The Imperial Battlemages of the Battlespire used it against the Daedra Lords in the name of the Emperor.[2][3] In the aftermath of Dagon's invasion of the Battlespire during the Imperial Simulacrum, the hidden mace was recovered from the Caitiff section of the Battlespire by an apprentice and used to help fight back against the retreating Daedric forces. A Daedra named Wonshala Keriayn was interested in obtaining the mace in return for a piece of the Battlespire's shattered voidguide, but she was banished after attempting to wield it.[5] Scourge survived the ensuing destruction of the Battlespire, and was returned to Tamriel. It now wanders the land with adventurers.[2] The mace once came into the possession of Divayth Fyr, who kept it in Tel Fyr, a Telvanni wizard tower in Morrowind's Zafirbel Bay. The Nerevarine supposedly liberated the weapon from Fyr's collection in 3E 427.[4]

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