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Sadrith Mora
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
(Azura's Coast)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Sadrith Mora ca. 2E 582
Map of Morrowind

Sadrith Mora (Dark Elvish for "Mushroom Forest")[1] was one of the four cities on the district of Vvardenfell, for which it served as the district seat of power for the Great House Telvanni. The city also serves as the home of the Telvanni Council, but only one member lived in the city, that being the councilor in Tel Naga, the central tower in Sadrith Mora. Most ways into the city for common folk are through the sea or teleportation, and if anyone wanted to enter the city, they must acquire a certification of hospitality.[2]

Layout and GeographyEdit

Map of Sadrith Mora Region
The Gateway Inn

Sadrith Mora is built on the largest island, also known as Sadrith Mora,[3] in the middle of the Zafirbel Bay, between Azura's Coast and the Inner Sea. It shares the island with a large daedric ruin called Anudnabia,[4] and the ancestral tomb of Clan Sadryon,[5] one of the thirty revered families of Vvardenfell.[6]

Typically, the island is inaccessible by foot, always either by boat or through some method of teleportation.[2] But in the mid-Second Era, there was a waterlogged, mostly unmarked path that ran through Tel Fyr and across the Zafirbel Bay to Sadrith Mora's docks.[7] The region is marked with tall, arched rocks and riddled with the district's largest species of mushroom.[8] Outside of the city are operations overseen by Telvanni slavers, such as mines and Muck Sponge farms.[9]

Tel Naga was the epicenter of Sadrith Mora and it was the largest building in the city, surrounded by the stone-bricked street, tall samples of milkcap mushrooms, and other Telvanni towers. The docks were located on the west side of the city. It was divided from the rest of the city by the Gateway Inn, a two-story inn, and the only service in Sadrith Mora accessible to foreigners without hospitality papers. The city's north side was Sadrith Mora's great market, home to the city's greatest artisans and traders, and further north is the Telvanni Council House, a large orb held together by mushroom stalks. The path that extended from the south led to Wolverine Hall, the Empire's bastion in Telvanni jurisdiction. In the center of town is the seat of power, Tel Naga, the largest tower in the city and residence of the Telvanni councilor in Sadrith Mora.[2]

Notable LocalesEdit

  • The Gateway Inn
  • The Great Market


In the mid-Second Era, Tel Naga was occupied by the Archmagister of House Telvanni, Nelos Otheri and the Gateway Inn was placed on the other side of the city, away from the docks.[9] Sometime in his tenure, he developed a magical creature with his expert-level mycoturgy called the Sadrith Mora Spore Steed, based on the horses of the west.[10][11]

In 2E 582, a magically talented Argonian slave named Sun-in-Shadow met with the council of Telvanni mouths and was freed from her bonds, then proceeded to the rank of a hireling in service of Nelos Otheri.[12] With help from an Outlander, she attained the role of oathman[13] and along the way, clashed with Magisters such as Gothren of Tel Aruhn. As time passed, Sun-in-Shadow continued her work to become a magister.[14]

By the late Third Era, Tel Naga was occupied by Councilor Neloth, which in turn made him Master of Sadrith Mora and its surrounding environs.[15] In 3E 427, the Nerevarine appeared on Vvardenfell to fulfill the prophecy and in order to do so, needed to be acknowledged as the Hortator by House Telvanni. They traveled to Sadrith Mora to meet with Master Neloth, who nonchalantly gave them his blessing and dismissed them just as quickly.[16] After the events that transpired in Red Mountain, the Arch-Mage of Vvardenfell's Mages Guild, Trebonius Artorius gave the order for death of the Telvanni Councilors.[17] And while it is unknown how the other councilors fared, Neloth survived the ordeal and at some point moved northwest into Solstheim, where he constructed a new tower called Tel Mithryn.[18]

In that same year, there were rumors that the Gateway Inn was haunted and it displeased the Prefect of Hospitality, Angaredhel. Neloth's mouth, Arara Uvelas tried to kill the ghost multiple times, but it came back every time. Eventually, the Prefect enlisted the help of a traveler who exposed the perpetrator as Uleni Heleran, a conjuration expert of the local Mages Guild, who did it as revenge against Angaredhel when he brought her to the magistrate for entering the city without hospitality papers.[19]

When the Ministry of Truth crash-landed on top of Vivec City in 4E 5, it caused a great chain reaction to Red Mountain and resulted in an eruption that laid waste to Vvardenfell. Sadrith Mora was one of the great casualties in the entire district and many reports were sent out to the province at large. Many people on the mainland mourned the loss of their loved ones on the island. The event has since been remembered as the Red Year, but in time, a Redoran councilor in Mournhold started a relief effort to rebuild and support the settlements hit the hardest on the island. It is unknown how badly Sadrith Mora was hit in the event.[20]

Known RulersEdit

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Sadrith Mora Quilted Snood
The Spore Steed of Sadrith Mora
For more information, see the: Culture and Society sections on the Dunmer page.

As it is customed to House Telvanni, anyone that wants to enter Sadrith Mora proper must first obtain a certification of hospitality from the Prefect of Hospitality in the Gateway Inn, as it was dictated in the Collective Articles of the Council of the Great House Telvanni.[22]

There is a book called The Seed written by the playwright, Gor Felim, under the alias of "Marobar Sul". It is an adaptation of an Argonian tale created by slaves in southern Morrowind. The setting varies in different tellings but usually, it takes place in Vvardenfell, specifically in Sadrith Mora. "Sul" claims that the original story is based on his rendition.[23]

Along the shores of Sadrith Mora and the rest of Zafirbel Bay are very rare seashells called Red Star Shells, which are very valuable in the eyes of House Telvanni. They can be found on the shoals of the region.[24] Some formal attire is adorned with red star shells, thereby making it incredibly valuable and extremely rare.[25] A Sadrith Mora quilted snood is headwear popular among people of high power, meant to reflect their position.[26]

One of the only ways to Sadrith Mora was through a boat service. In the late Third Era, Sadrith Mora had connections to Dagon Fel, Castle Ebonheart, Tel Branora, and Tel Mora.[27] When the Mages Guild was established in Wolverine Hall, the local guild guide used teleportation to send people between other guildhalls in the district.[28] A Silt Strider service was only available during off-peak hours in Sun's Height and Last Seed, when the journey is less hazardous. It travels across the Inner Sea to Ald Isra in the southern Telvanni Peninsula.[29]



  • In an old concept map for Morrowind, there is a location owned by House Redoran called Sadrith Forest in the ashlands of eastern Vvardenfell.[UOL 1]

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