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Provost Varuni Arvel, a high-ranking Apostle
Galyn the Shelterer, leader of the Apostles following the death of Sotha Sil

The Clockwork Apostles are devout followers of the Clockwork God, Sotha Sil. They reside in the Clockwork Basilica within the Brass Fortress of the Clockwork City.[1]

Those seeking to become an Apostle must possess great expertise in magic, machinery, or some other skill that they deem worthy. Apostles are known to replace their limbs with "perfect" clockwork parts designed by Sotha Sil. They consider this practice to be an expression of faith in their god as well as a means to improve upon what they consider to be flawed biological anatomy.[UOL 1] An infrequently observed tradition among the Clockwork Apostles is to enshrine their amputated body parts after replacement.[2]

Apostles are often seen as elitist by outsiders, and they are known to delegate menial tasks to others.[1] They follow the sermons of Deldrise Morvayn and devote their work towards one goal: achieving Tamriel Final, a new Nirn.[3][4]

The Clockwork Apostles' legal system is relatively rudimentary, mostly because it is used so rarely. Infractions, such as research sabotage or plagiarism, typically result in exile. For more serious crimes, Apostles use a method of punishment known as a cognitive prison — an induced coma where the condemned's mind is set to a recursive loop, trapping them in an inescapable mental space. By the mid-Second Era, the punishment had only been used twelve times.[5]


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