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The Order of the Raven is a Knightly Order located in the Kingdom of Dwynnen, and a political faction associated with the region. The Knights of the Raven have been the consecrated protectors of Dwynnen for hundreds of years.

In all modesty, the Order of the Raven is a legendary fighting order. They have the honor of having led the battle against the Camoran Usurper and freed half of Tamriel from his tyranny. They remain the vanguards of the Barony of Dwynnen, protecting the entire region. Given their reputation, they cannot admit any but the greatest warriors, the most loyal servants of the Baron, into their order.

Order of the Raven OverviewEdit

Political AffiliationsEdit

Led By Dwynnen

Garrison LocationsEdit

Location Garrisons
Baelwood 1
Crossbrugh 1
Deerwood 1
Dwynnen 1
Eastville Derry 1
Gallomore 1
Tunhead 1
Upbridge 1
Whitewold 1
Wildercroft 1
Wildertower 1

Garrison Map BlocksEdit

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